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One of the reasons sociopaths can be successful is they can mimic whatever people need them to be.

We can imagine three kinds of sociopaths.

The criminal type, who end up in prison.

The high performing types, who have high level jobs like politicians.

These types can do pretty much anything, but they are intelligent enough to not do anything against the law.

For most non-sociopaths, the law is close to our own morals.

We don't kill people because doing so would cause irreversible damage to our psyche and emotional health.

High level sociopaths don't kill people because they don't want to end up in prison.

But then there is the run of the mill sociopath.

The kind of person who can easily morph into anything they need to.

These are the kind most of us interact with.

They are compelling in part because they act EXACTLY like we need them to.

They essentially mirror what we project.

Without really feeling it.

They get what they need, and then disappear.

The reason these types are so compelling is because most people are nowhere NEAR this level of "connection."

Most of us are hidden inside our own protective shell.

So when we meet others, we are essentially getting to know them through THEIR own protective shell.

This is why it takes a while to really get to know somebody.

Sociopaths don't have that protective shell, since they feel no emotions, and therefore they aren't afraid.

Afraid of what?

Most of us have a deep fear of somebody getting to know the REAL us.

And rejecting it because of it.

But this is based on false idea.

That it is possible for people to see US separate from our behavior.

That deep fear of rejection (that all non-sociopaths have) is from before we could really think.

Way back when we were screaming babies.

But when we get older, nobody is even capable of judging us one some abstract concept of who we "really" are.

They can ONLY judge is, in the moment, based on our behavior.

As little kids, we really are just, "are."

But as adults we ARE our behaviors.

Our behaviors are an outer representation of who we are.

If you are a quiet, shy wallflower, that says one thing.

If you aren't making any efforts to let people know about you, that makes it very unlikely that others are going to make an effort to know about you.

However, there are a few more variables that meet the eye.

You likely have FANTASTIC ideas about yourself.

You just can't put those ideas to words.

So it may be just a matter of learning HOW to express yourself.

Of learning more flexible linguistic skills.

These will give you plenty of options on how, specifically, to express all those ideas in your brain.

Ideas that people are desperate to hear.

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