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It's very easy for us silly humans to mix up cause and effect.

Or to not notice all the variables that are going on.

Take a common example.

A guy is talking to a girl, and it's obvious the girl is into the guy.

All the guys watching this are wondering WHAT he is saying.

The idea is if we can UNDERSTAND what that guy is saying, and somehow emulate that, we can get the same results.

This is based on a META assumption about human interactions and communications.

We see somebody.

We want something from that person, or with that person.

We'd like to sell them something.

Or get to know them to perhaps start a relationship.

Or at the bare minimum, interact with them so they have a good impression of us.

Most people ASSUME this is based on what we say to them.

The most common question in these situation is "what do I say?"

Consider that this assumption is incorrect.

AND very dangerous.

We have this very superficial idea that our words will leave our mouths, get into their brains and create some of feeling.

If this were true, we could walk up, give them a note and it would have the same effect.

This is ALMOST how it works in the movies.

But consider that the words we use, and more importantly, the phrases and the energy beneath them is ONE variable in ALL the variables that make up how others perceive us.

There's another idea that is very important.

That overall, beyond our words, beyond our energy, is how WE perceive ourselves.

Consider that how WE feel about ourselves is THE most important variable in all communication.

Sales, seduction, and everything in between.

For example, we tend to be "attracted" to people who are MORE articulate rather than less articulate all else equal.

People that can say basic things but in interesting ways are MORE attractive than people who can express those SAME thoughts with much less robust words and phrases.

And if you can connect positive energy to your articulation, you will be VERY difficult to resist.

You or your ideas or even the products you may be selling.

What, specifically, do we mean by positive energy?

You LIKE what you are talking about.

You LIKE YOURSELF as your talking about it.

You LIKE the conversation you are having with the person you are having it with.

The actual THING you are talking about is NOT NEARLY as important as all the other stuff.

Luckily, you can work on your articulation just like you can work on your pushups or any other skill.

And articulation is connected to your brain in a kind of form-function kind of way.

You practice one, and you'll practice the other.

If you build a daily practice of THIS, your overall attraction and charisma will continue to increase.

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