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In the preface of Cialdini's book, he talked about how persuasion is really a science.

Most, including people who get paid tons of money to come up with effective advertising for huge products, disagree.

Most believe that advertising is an art.

If you've ever watched the TV show, "Mad Men," it certainly seems like an art.

Those skirt chasing, hard drinking dudes led by Don Draper didn't seem like the scientist types.

Cialdini's reasons were simple.

The things that influence happen outside of our conscious awareness.

And we always come up with a post event, rational sounding reason why we THINK we did what we did.

Neurologists tell us one of the main functions of the brain is an "after the fact" storytelling device.

This makes a lot of sense, from a big picture point of view.

The line is extremely blurry between primitive primates and humans.

Our self-awareness and language evolved ON TOP OF the previous existing chimp brain.

Our ancient instincts are still very much in control.

We don't like that idea.

We like the idea that WE, the part of us that is watching and choosing is doing the thinking and the choosing.

But according to those who study the brain, this isn't the way it is.

Which makes perfect sense considering Cialdini's "persuasion is science."

The way we "don't" persuade is as follows.

Something influences us.

Those things that influence us happen OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness.

We then MAKE UP a logical sounding reason why we did what we just did.

We BELIEVE that reason.

So we USE that reason to try and get somebody else to do what we just did.

But since that's NOT the real reason, it rarely works.

Our ego doesn't like to believe that we suck at anything.

So it makes up ANOTHER story.

One that says persuasion is an art.

A completely mysterious process that few understand.

But Cialdini wasn't just some goof with a bunch of random ideas.

He did some serious field testing.

And again and again, he proved that persuasion IS a science.

Understand the science, and you'll never wonder why people do things again.

This is hard to do.

You'll have to get rid of the idea that your ego is the center of everything.

That's likely the hardest part.

We WANT to take credit.

Our ego is like a little kid who is ALWAYS screaming for attention.

Hey! Everybody! 

Look at me!

Look what I can do!

But if you CAN manage to turn off your ego?

And you take the time to learn the SCIENCE of persuasion?

You'll easily turn into a mad scientist.

And the entire world will become your laboratory.

Learn More:


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