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Motivation is a dangerous thing.

It's also a very misunderstood concept.

Motivation is the biggest associated ingredient to any kind of success.

If you want more money, you need to learn more skills.

In order to learn more skills, you need motivation.

If you want better health, you need to exercise.

In order to exercise, you need motivation.

If you want a better relationship, you need to get out there and meet people.

To get out there and meet people, you need motivation.

This is one reason why decent motivational speakers can easily make millions.

Because it's something everybody wants.

But the motivation you get from motivational speakers is like candy.

It feels fantastic when you are consuming it.

When the words are coming out of the speaker's mouth.

When everybody is jumping around and screaming and hollering.

But a couple hours after it's all over?

You're back to where you are started.

This is why good motivational speakers make tons of money.

You can listen to the same person over and over again.

But never really make much progress on those things you need motivation for.

You still want more money, a better body, and better relationships.

Something is missing from this picture.

If motivation was ALL you needed, AND it was possible to be permanently motivated from motivational speakers, then EVERYBODY who ever went to a Tony Robbins seminar would be rich with a six pack and hanging out with super models.

But they aren't.

In fact, it is a VERY COMMON scene among motivational speakers to see the same types over and over.

Some folks spend tens, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars seeing the SAME motivational speakers over and over and over.

From a purely objective, scientific standpoint, motivational speakers are not really "motivating" us.

Sure, they're making us feel really good.

But unless you've got more money, better health, better relationships as a result, they must be doing something else.

Here's something else to think about.

Nobody NEEDED to be motivated until the last couple hundred years or so.

Ancient hunter gathers didn't need to be motivated.

At least not by a bunch of imaginary ideas or affirmations or weird chants.

They were motivated by their external environment.

Back then, if you didn't kill, you didn't eat.

It seems that the more successful we are collectively, the EASIER it is to fall behind individually.

This makes sense.

What's the answer?

Consider to ditch the idea of motivation.

Instead, consider building MOMENTUM.

Of doing something small today.

Super easy.

Then do the same thing tomorrow.

Pretty soon,  you'll have a habit.

Habits are easy to maintain.

Especially if you are practicing something that will enhance all areas of your life.

This will create something few people experience.

You'll look behind you, and see what you've done.

You'll look out ahead of you, and see where you're going.

This feeling of forward MOMENTUM will be self sustaining.

That's when life feels good.

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