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I used to know this guy who lived in Japan.

He used to be a magician.

And he did still did magic as a hobby.

Bar tricks, a few shows here and there.

Loved to be the center of attention.

Absolutely fearless.

Would walk to the center of a crowd, start talking, and doing tricks.

But he had an interesting business.

He started out as a consultant, visiting businesses and helping them land clients.

Eventually he started his own business training other consultants.

One description of a consultant I heard, from another consultant, is they look at your watch and tell you what time it is.

It's kind of surprising, but plenty of high level, high earning people have the same needs as us normal folk.

They just need to be told what they are doing is OK.

That their ideas and plans are OK.

And plenty of people are willing to pay plenty of money to be told what they want to hear.

This is one of the secrets of marketing.

To tell people what they want to hear.

We all have the same fears and desires.

But most of us are too busy complaining about those fears and desires to notice that everybody else is saying the same thing.

Joseph Campbell wrote a book called, "The Hero With 1000 Faces."

The first of many books about the Hero's Journey.

We all love that same Hero's Journey because it reflects our own fears and inhibitions.

For example, most hero's don't leave their comfort zone voluntarily.

They need to be forced out.

Even modern hero's are more or less forced onto the journey.

Why is this?

We all feel the call, but most of us are too terrified to take a step outside of our comfort zone.

We LOVE the idea of a mentor coming and FORCING us out.

If you can combine these two basic ideas, you can make quite an impact.

How's that?

First, by understanding people's fears and concerns.

Second, but putting them in a hero's journey format.

Of course, simply because it's called the "Hero's Journey" doesn't need it has a be a three hour epic.

That same, three-part structure can be delivered through a quick metaphor, a short anecdote, or even the recalling of something that happened to you earlier that day.

When you combine these two structures, you'll find opportunities for them everywhere.

It's kind of like rubbing your finger over the rim of a wine glass.

With the right frequency, you can make them sing.

Speak to people with the right frequency, and they'll never forget you.

Use this however you like.

But if you like to write, or like the idea of writing, your words will resonate with them on deep and profound levels.

Learn How:


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