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Maximum Congruence and Charisma


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In writing, they have a common rule of showing instead of telling.

This leverages and old idea from Dale Carnegie.

That you can get anybody to do anything, so long as it was their idea.

If fiction, this works by allowing the readers or viewers to discover, on their own, what's going on.

This makes it much more of their idea.

This makes them much more invested in the story, or the character arc.

This works very well in interpersonal relationships, sales, romance and seduction.

Consider the statement:

"I want you to be happy."

Happiness is a feeling.

You can't just "be" happy.

If we could control our emotions so easily, nobody would ever have negative emotions.

Imagine if that silly statement (I want you to be happy) actually worked.

Somebody is sitting there, sad or depressed.

Then somebody looks at them and says:

"I want you to be happy."

As if the person who is sad is incapable of being happy unless the other person tells them to.

Sometimes we say things like, "I want you to be happy," to exhibit a part of us.

Like we did something that made the other person upset.

And we want to explain that wasn't our intention, so we say, "I want you to be happy."

Think about what this means.

The person's BEHAVIOR made the other person, "unhappy."

But their words indicate that they really don't care about the other person.

Their actions, the thing they SHOWED created an unhappy feeling.

Their words, what they attempted to SAY (tell) indicate the opposite.

They showed one thing.

They told something else.

Now, if they REALLY wanted the other person to be happy, they would have BEHAVED in a way to create the happy feeling.

Unfortunately, for most people, our behaviors are unconscious.

Our words less so.

Actions, as they say, are much louder than words.

Whatever you SHOW will always overrule whatever you TELL.

Luckily, you can train your thinking to be much more congruent with your speaking.

Most people wander the earth without ever noticing the difference between their actions and words.

But with some specific understandings, you can make your words and actions much closer.

Which will make you much more congruent.

Congruence is a very attractive trait.

It will come across as charisma, and an extremely strong frame.

What kind of understandings?

The kind that drill into your brain all the hypnotic language patterns found in covert hypnosis.

So you will think, speak and act in a very congruent way.

A way that will automatically generate the desired behaviors on others.

Which behaviors?

Whichever ones you want.

The wants that make EVERYBODY feel the happiest.

Learn How:


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