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Many things are a mix between form and function.

One leads the other, and vice versa.

Sometimes it goes more in one way than the other.

Smiling is a good example.

If you're happy, you smile.

But if you're in a bad mood, and you FORCE yourself to smile, you'll start to giggle.

It's not like our brain is different from our body.

Our lip and face muscles are attached to our brain.

And these are two way electrical circuits.

It's not like our brain is some metaphorical energy center that controls us from another dimension.

However, most of us don't think of doing anything differently.

Our mind body systems are delivered like most PC's these days.

Open the box, plug it in and Bob's your Uncle.

You might get a small "manual" that shows you where all the USB ports, etc. are.

Beyond that, you're on your own.

Our mind body systems are like that.

For most of us, we show up, run on auto pilot and call it good.

But there are plenty of ways to significantly hack your own operating system.

Ways they'll never teach you in school.

Not because of any conspiracy.

But because teachers are pretty much like everybody else.

Show up, do the bare minimum, and expect a paycheck.

So, how do you hack your own operating system?

By levering the form-function idea.

Smiling and making yourself happy is pretty easy.

It's more of an example rather than a useful skill.

The best ways are by leveraging the form function relationship between your language and your thought.

You increase the quality of your thought, you'll increase the quality of your language.

But if you increase the quality of your language, you'll increase the quality of your thought.

How, specifically, do you increase the quality of your language?

By doing drills on language STRUCTURE.

Most people don't even think about language or thought structure.

They have half baked ideas (that they copied from others) and spit them out with garbled words.

But you, on the other hand can develop real wizard language skills.

Real wizard thought skills.

And since most humans can't tell the difference between magic and complicated science, they'll believe you've got some magical powers.

Sure, you'll know exactly what you are doing.

You'll have developed the powerful skills of language structure to the point of unconscious competence.

Which will allow you to not spit out poorly chosen and garbled words, but instead to use laser targeted words, phrases and structures.

To seduce, to influence, to persuade, and to outframe any argument you hear.

To most, they'll feel the effect, but not have any idea what, or how  you just did that.

Which is perfectly fine.

Since hiding magic out in the open will only enhance your effect.

Get Started:


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