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Humans love having goals, but for some reason, they seem hard to achieve.

For every milestone we achieve, we have about a kajillion we've given up on.

One reason is that most of us are motivated MORE by moving away from pain than we are by moving toward pleasure.

But since we don't like to admit this, we pretend we are motivated toward pleasure.

But if we really WERE motivated toward pleasure, we would ALWAYS be moving forward.

But our behaviors tell a different story.

Many of our goals are reframed subconsciously to be toward pleasure, but in reality are away from pain.

For example, many people love the idea of financial independence.

But this is really to get rid of negative financial situations.

For most, financial independence means and ABSENCE of financial pain.

Another reason we often fail at our long term goals is we start WAY too fast.

Motivation can only take you so far.

Momentum, on the other hand, is much, much better.

Most people who exercise every day, and have for several years, wouldn't DREAM of ever giving up.

People that jog, for example, very much enjoy the process.

Of being in the zone, when your mind is kind of drifting, and your body is producing those fantastic endorphins.

People that jog or exercise everyday simply assume they will continue to do that the rest of their lives.

They don't NEED motivation.

Because they have massive momentum.

When you are just starting anything, building momentum is critical.


This requires you GET RID of any ideas of permanence. 

Of silly questions like, "How long until the results are permanent?"

This question indicates you see the "practice," whatever it is, as ONLY a means to itself.

Do it, get the results, and then get on with your life.

But if you start slowly, pretty soon the practice will be a means in and of itself.

Just like jogging is a benefit IN ITSELF, and it CREATES long term benefits.

This is the secret of creating any goal you want.

Start slow, go as slowly as you can, until the practice itself is a benefit.

Then you will ALWAYS be improving for the rest of your life.

And when it comes to practices that will generate continuous improvements for the REST of your life, there are two basic kinds.

For your mind, and for your body.

For your body, there are plenty.

But what about for your mind?

Take A Look Here:


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