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The relationship between thoughts and words is complex.

There are some folks who have brilliant minds, and write brilliant books, but they are less than inspiring speakers.

Then there are some that are powerful speakers, but their minds are average.

These folks tend to get others to write their speeches for them.

Every time you see a politician go off on a rant, like they often do during congressional hearings, you can bet on two things.

One, is that somebody else helped them come up with those words.

Two, is that they've practiced that "rant" plenty of times beforehand.

Even those "man on the street" interviews are pretty well rehearsed, and edited.

They are very rarely live.

The ones that ARE live are really just the newscaster talking to the camera, saying things they've rehearsed over and over.

(Some of these are comedy gold, not because of the reporter, but because of all the goofs doing silly things behind them.)

The people that CAN spit our pretty articulate thoughts on the spur of the moment are few and far between.

Most highly articulate people you see on TV interviews only SEEM to be articulate.

Because they are talking about things related to their jobs.

Things they've thought about over and over and over for a long time.

Things they've talked about over and over and over for a long time.

But to become articulate and intelligent sounding in spur-of-the-moment conversations, when it really counts, you have to do some META practice.

Everybody mentioned so far only does surface level practice.

They practice talking about the same CONTENT over and over.

If you followed your favorite comedian around the country, going to all their shows, they'd get pretty boring.

They don't tell a completely different set of jokes every time.

They tell the same jokes every time.

To develop in-the-moment articulation and demonstrate DEEP intelligence, you need to practice STRUCTURE.

The structure of persuasion.

The structure of influence.

The structure of seduction.

The structure of reframing.

The structure of overcoming objections.

Once you get the structure down, you can take any CONTENT, drop it into the structure, and sound like a GENIUS.

This will make your spoken language sound compelling and powerful.

But your written language much, much more so.


Once you have the structure down, you can refine whatever you write until it is ABSOLUTELY perfect.

Most people write like an artist.

That's only half the game.

What's the other half?

Write like an artist, but edit like a scientist.

A MAD scientist, writing in your secret money making lab.

Build one, and you'll simultaneously build the other.

Learn How:


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