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One way to think about our conscious awareness is as a "new instinct" generator.

Whenever we learn something to the point of unconscious competence, it's essentially a new instinct.

Imagine you were relaxing at home, watching TV with half eaten pizza on the coffee table in front of you.

And imagine a mouse ran across the pizza.

You'd jump and suddenly wake up.

This reaction is a programmed instinct.

Or imagine you were walking down the street, your mind on auto pilot.

Then suddenly you looked up and a super GORGEOUS person was smiling at you as if the wanted to bang you silly.

You would have a reaction.

An instinctive reaction.

But we can also practice skills until they become JUST as automatic.

Generally speaking, programmed instincts are drivers and responders.

Drivers to make us sleepy or hungry.

Responders that wake us up in case of danger or opportunities, mostly for food or sex.

But new instincts, or skills programmed to the point of unconscious competence can respond to our desires.

Like if you learned an instrument to the point of unconscious competence, this would be an "instinct" that you have full control over.

A mouse running across your pizza, or a super sexy person essentially grabs  your attention without your consent.

But learned instincts are different.

They are under our complete control.

What is likely the BEST new instinct to create is one few think of as a skill.

Which means if YOU practice this, you will have a huge advantage.

Language is something we do INSTINCTIVELY.

We learn it unconsciously.

Nobody remembers learning how to speak.

And for most people, spitting out whatever words pop into their mind is good enough.

But if you practice language, it can become as deadly as martial arts.

Or it's opposite, the powers of unconscious persuasion and seduction.

This is combining a programmed instinct with a new, consciously chosen set of skills.

Very much like martial arts.

If you don't spend any time training, and somebody attacks you, you'll respond automatically.

And you'll look like those politicians who get into fights.

Very clumsy, very off balance and VERY silly.

This is most of us speak.

But if you train your language, you'll have much more choice how to respond.

Or how to speak proactively to CREATE the result you want.

Persuasion, seduction, humor, anything.

For most people, language is back and forth and NOT something we feel any control over.

But when you practice language, it will be like seeing an ENTIRE world of opportunity.

Not just in speaking, but in writing.

You train in writing, and it will automatically train your speaking.

Most people have a vague idea, spit out a bunch of poorly chosen words, and hope for the best.

After you train in new language instincts, you'll never need to hope again.

Get Started:


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