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Some skills are very technical, and don't spill over too much in other areas.

Some skills are very broad, and have a huge impact on pretty much all areas.

General conditioning exercise is an example of something that has a positive impact on nearly everything.

You sleep better, you become more confident, you get better posture, etc.

This is why hitting the gym is always good advice for anybody who's just gotten dumped.

Any kind of practice is also beneficial to many areas.

This is why having hobbies that are both interesting, technically challenging, and have no upper limit also have a spillover effect.

Continuous learning will create a very good feeling.

You look back in your past, and see how far you've come.

You look into your future, and see how much better you'll get.

This is why no upper limit, challenging skills and hobbies are very, very powerful additions to any life or career.

Especially if these skills can get you paid.

Sure, it's not always possible to have a hobby that makes you money.

Unless you plan on being world class, most hobbies will always be hobbies.

Studying photoshop, learning an instrument, practicing martial arts or any other sport.

These are all very beneficial in their own right for the previously mentioned reasons.

One of the reasons these types of things are difficult to get you paid is because many, many other people are doing them.

So, if you did want to earn a little cash, doing a hobby, it would have to be one that few people know about.

Or one that is common, but has an aspect that few people know about.

Enter Hypnotic Copywriting.

This is something that is based on writing, specifically the writing of persuasive language.

This is something EVERYBODY and their sister, (even if they don't have any sisters) knows about.

On the surface, it SEEMS like a dream come true.

Write a letter, make some money.

Live anywhere with an internet connection.

Problem is that EVERYBODY has the same idea.

But few people see language as a SKILL.

A skill that can be continuously improved.

And since most people nowadays are pretty lazy, you ALREADY have an advantage.

But wait, there's more!

Because when you apply the ideas within covert hypnosis, you can make your writing even better.

That's TWO advantages you have.

Going deeper, you can understand the main drivers of persuasion, which are based on human instincts.

Cialdini, the guy who INVENTED the terms authority, scarcity and social proof, said that persuasion is a SCIENCE.

Science can be perfected, measured, and improved.

This makes hypnotic copywriting the IDEAL hobby.

Giving you the best of everything.

Get Started:


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