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The student loan debt crisis is a perfect storm.

The idea of going to college is very, very compelling.

To be "taught" how to do something.

And get a degree, and then use that degree as your ticket to success.

At least, that's the theory.

It seems like a fantastic idea.

Especially when student loans are so easy go get.

It even makes sense on a financial level.

Borrow some money, get an education, get a decent job, pay back the loan, and get on with your life.

Only for a lot of people, it's not working out so well.

In fact, many people are finding it's like living in a horror movie.

Tons of debt, no hope of ever paying it off.

These are the kinds of things that keep you awake at night.

Everybody needs money.

And so long as you make it honestly, more money is better than less money.

This is essentially the American Dream.

The dream that many people think is dead.

This isn't really an American dream, this is the HUMAN dream.

It has been since the dawn of time.

The idea of finding SOME way to make some money.

The more money you make, the less you need to worry about the petty stuff.

It's not that money creates happiness.

But with enough money to pay the bills and not have to worry too much, you can CREATE the space in which to PURSUE happiness.

The happiness that comes from relationships, increasing skills, and following your bliss.

That is still possible.

It won't happen magically, but if you can think outside the box a bit, you still can create a decent future.

How so?

A lot of people are worried that robots are going to take all our jobs.

Sure, they'll take some.

But not the ones that require PEOPLE skills.

Human skills.

Skills like communication and persuasion.

Consider the following scenario.

You learn some basic writing skills.

You learn some basic persuasion skills.

You keep honing your skills.

So long as you keep getting better, you'll keep increasing your earning potential.

You have many advantages.

One is the rapidly shrinking ability of most folks to delay gratification.

If you keep practicing, you'll keep getting better.

Consider a contest.

Between YOU and somebody who borrows $50K to get a four year degree in any NON-science or math related degree.

If four years, what do they have?

A lot of debt, and if they're lucky, a job at Starbucks.

What would YOU have?

Four years is a long time.

But with only an hour a day of practice, your brain and your laptop, you'd EASILY have six figure skills.

Likely a lot more and likely a lot sooner.

Especially if you Start Now:


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