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The biggest inventions have had to do with energy use.

Way back in the day, humans had to chase animals, kill them, and eat them.

Because their food lived in small groups, so did humans.

When they invented farming, that all changed.

Now they could CREATE food at will.

This happened 10,000 years ago.

This is where they get the phrase, "fruits of your labor."

For cavemen and women, the fruits of your labor didn't last long.

You spent a time chasing and killing something.

You ate it, and pretty soon you'd have to do this all over again.

But with farming, you need to do the work up front, and then you can LITERALLY live by the fruits of your labor.

Waiting around for your apple tree to grow apples is MUCH easier than chasing an animal that absolutely doesn't want to be killed.

Surviving by the fruits of your labor is even friendlier.

You don't kill the apple tree when you eat the apples, like you kill the buffalo if you want some buffalo meat.

It's almost like there is an unwritten agreement between humans and fruit and grain producing plants.

You can think of modern labor in the same way.

There is the most basic form of labor.

Trading time for money.

Even doctors who go to school for nearly a decade are essentially highly skilled traders of time for money.

And when you trade time for money, there's always the harsh truth.

That if you stop working, you stop earning.

Very much like ancient hunters.

You stop hunting, you stop eating.

Sure, life on a farm is hard work as whttps://mindpersuasion.com/step-by-step-magic/ell.

But it's more maintenance.

And the bigger farm  you've got, the more likely you can hire other people to do the work.

This is why money wasn't invented until farming was.

At least in any large scale form.

But suppose you aren't the farming type?

Suppose you also don't like the idea of trading time for money?

You can still plant seeds.

Seeds that will grow into income that will keep paying you.

These, of course, are metaphorical seeds.

Yielding fruits of not your physical labor, but your mental and intellectual skills.

If you can write a few well converting sales letters, for example, they will be JUST LIKE an apple tree.

Spitting out fruit (money) every year.

The more of these metaphorical sales-letter-seeds you plant, the more passive income you'll make.

Sure, it will still take work.

But you'll be BUILDING something that feeds you.

Something that won't stop when you do.

This is way to leave forever behind the "trading time for money" game so many are forced to play.

Get into THIS game, and never look back.

Learn How:


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