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Once upon a time, a super genius invested in a certain asset.

Because this super smart guy was smart, he got in early, and he got out early.

He made a nice tidy profit.

So far so good, right?

But then a bunch of his friends got in AFTER he'd gotten out.

And the price kept going up.

More and more people kept jumping into this fantastic asset.

This new thing that was making EVERYBODY around him rich.

When he got in and out, before everybody else knew about this fresh new investment, he felt pretty good.

But after he got out, all his buddies were getting rich.

WAY richer than he got.

As more and more people around him kept getting rich, he felt dumber and dumber.

Pretty soon he couldn't take it any more.

He felt like the money train was leaving without him.

He started to imagine his future where all his buddies were rich, as they rode the money rocket to riches.

Leaving him in the dust.

So he got back in.

And as soon as he got back in, it crashed.


This guy lost nearly EVERYTHING.

He went from feeling clever for getting in and out before anybody knew what thing was.

To feeling like a fool for not making NEARLY as much as he could have.

To feeling like much MORE of a fool than he ever thought possible.

See, had he just sat on his wins, and been patient, it would have crashed anyway.

Then he could have told all his buddies, "I told you so."

But he didn't.

See, his brain was taken over by the most COMPELLING force of human nature.

Which is actually a combination of several instincts.

Namely, social proof and scarcity.

As social proof INCREASES, and scarcity also INCREASES, and you're not getting some, this will create FOMO.

Fear of missing out.

Once FOMO kicks in, it's very, very hard to NOT want to get some.

Who is this mysterious investor who lost everything?

Sir Isaac Newton.

The same dude who invented gravity and calculus.

The investment was one of the most famous bubbles of all time.

The South Sea bubble.

FOMO is very, very powerful if you can leverage it.

Or imply it.

If you can imply FOMO, you can sell anything.

Huge advertising companies CREATE FOMO all the time.

Huge marketing push to create massive buying desire.

On release day, they have a limited supply.

Once FOMO is set in the minds of consumers, people will buy shiny blocks of metal.

It doesn't matter WHAT you are selling.

The more FOMO you can imply, the more you'll sell.

How, specifically, do you imply FOMO?

By using a set of language techniques invented by another super genius of history.

Namely, conversational hypnosis created by Dr. Milton Erickson.

Learn this and you can create your own money train.

Get Started:


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