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One of Dale Carnegies golden rules is that you can get anybody to do anything, so long as you get them to believe it was their idea.

This can be applied in many, many ways.

This is why well written movies are much better than lazily written movies.

Well written movies show, rather than tell.

We get to discover the meaning for ourselves.

And since we discovered this, it's OUR idea, just like Carnegie said.

This is precisely why covert hypnosis works so well.

It's based on very well calibrated vagueness.

So the listener to reader gets to "discover" their own meaning.

Milton Erickson, the inventor, came up with a way of delivering VERY confusing stories.

They were structurally sound, but the were missing a lot of content.

After listening to these confusing stories, the patients would leave, wondering what in the heck just happened.

But over the next three or four days, the vague stories would resonate in their brains.

And they would slowly fill in the missing pieces with their OWN experiences.

This would give them the feeling of "discovering" their own meaning.

And much more than a well written book or movie, these self-discovered meanings would be the solution to their problems.

Most therapists, then and now, TELL patients what to do and think.

These are like those lazily written movies.

Erickson, on other hand, would carefully put these "vague story bombs" in their mind.

Like secret treasure maps, where they'd go hunting for the meaning.

And when they found it, everything would click together.

They would have a memory of Dr. Erickson "helping them" figure out their own problems.

Compare that to modern therapy and modern patients.

Modern patients say things like, "my therapists says..."

Doing it like Dr. Erickson is difficult, but not for reasons many believe.

We humans LOVE to take credit.

Modern therapists LOVE the idea of curing people, and having all their patients saying things like:

"Dr. Wizard is Amazing! I did what he told me to do and he cured me!"

This is why nearly everybody has heard of Freud, but few people have heard of Dr. Erickson.

Freud and nearly every other therapist since him TELLS people what to think.

They TELL people what to do.

They TELL them what their dreams and ideas mean.

Erickson didn't really care much about recognition.

Lucky for us, Erickson wrote down how he helped his patients.

So we can learn how to do what he did.

When you apply this to copywriting, it's VERY powerful.

You write copywriting sales letters like stories.

Your readers read your stories, and DISCOVER inside the solution to their problem.

And the solution will be a product or service, that will help them SOLVE their problem.

And since they will discover that meaning on their own, they are much more likely to not only OWN the decision, but very much want to OWN whatever you are selling.

Learn How:


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