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Plant Seeds In The Minds of Millions


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For most of human history, we were hungry.


Every day the main goal was to find something to eat.

The hungriest survived the best.

Then they figured out how to grow stuff.

This changed everything.

This changed how people thought about wealth.

Before, wealth was meat.

Fish, fruit, roots, etc.

Maybe a few animal skins.

But after agriculture, wealth was still food.

But food could be stored for a long time.

Particularly grain.

All ancient societies realized that building huge grain warehouses was a good idea.

The idea is exactly the same as body fat.

If you eat as much as you can, you can store the fat as extra energy.

So you could live off that in case you couldn't find anything.

But grain could be stored outside the body.

And in massive amounts.

So you could "coast" a long time, in case of calamity like bad weather or dried up rivers.

But this also created another powerful idea.

Of using wealth to make more wealth.

You weren't required to keep all your excess for yourself.

If you were a caveman, and you were hungry, you couldn't exactly borrow some of your friends body fat.

(unless you happened to be a cannibal caveman...)

But with grain?

You could sell it.

And do what with the money?

Buy more land.

Grow and sell more grain.

And then buy even MORE land.

Keep doing this, and you will own a TON of land.

And you'll have a ton of power and influence.

This is essentially how wealth has been created since the dawn of time.

Figure out a way to make money.

Take the money you make, plow it back into the system, and make even more money.

This is why land is STILL connected the idea of wealth.

Land produces food, which is energy.

Land can be mined to find precious metals, or other resources, which is money.

But what if you don't have any land?

How can you make money?

The digital age has created a NEW way to earn a living.

Plant seeds, and wait for them to grow.

Where, specifically, do you plant seeds?

In people's brains.


The easiest way possible.


Powerfully written words.

Words that they'll think about.

Words that will compel them to action.

This is precisely what covert hypnosis is.

The idea of telling stories, to plant ideas in their mind.

That will grow and help those people become more productive, more confident, more intelligent.

And when you combine this idea, of planting seeds in their mind, with the art of copywriting?

You've got the absolute best of EVERYTHING humans have ever invented.


Wealth generating that will create more wealth.

Hypnotic language patterns.

And a globally connected economy that will allow you to do this ANYWHERE.

Learn How:


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