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Way back during the middle ages, there was a lot of new ideas popping up all over the place.

One of the main events was the creation of a Christian religion besides the Catholic church.

The philosophical differences between the various Christian churches are pretty interesting and very dense.

The Catholic Church, was suddenly in a bad way.

Up until the protestant reformation, they had TONS of power.

Each European country had their own king or ruling system.

But so long as they were all Catholic (or back then Christian) they Pope and his Bishops had the final say.

Once the protestants came along, this all changed.

Structurally, this is like one company that has a monopoly, and gets lazy.

Then a startup comes along and changes everything.

The protestants were the startup.

The Catholics responded by creating the Jesuits.

The Jesuits were like secret agents for the Church.

Their job was to travel around the world, and try to gain as many converts as possible.

They quickly learned something very interesting.

That convincing adults of a new religion is very difficult.


Very, very easy.

These Jesuits had a saying:

"Give me a child at birth and I'll make him a soldier of Christ by seven."

Turns out this really doesn't have anything to do with Jesus.

It has everything to do with how our minds are configured when we are born.

We have a bunch of very basic wiring in our brains.

As we go from 0 to 7, a lot of this wiring is finished.

Once it's finished, it's pretty much set.

This is why whatever religion you learn as a child is hard to change.

This is why all kids learn language unconsciously as kids, but learning a foreign language is not so automatic when you grow up.

But since there are plenty of people who speak more than one language, it's not impossible.

Not by a long shot.

And there are also a ton of people who switch religions when they grow up.

Or get stronger or weaker in their religion of upbringing.

Between 0 and 7 our little brains are like unconscious sponges.

As adults, they are still sponges, but it takes a bit of conscious effort.

Learning a second language will give you a ton of benefits.

If you are in any kind of business with international customers, knowing more than one language will make you worth a lot more to your company.

But there is another second language that few people know about.

One that is very secret, kind of like being a secret agent.

On the surface, it sounds very much like English.

But deeper, on an unconscious level, it is EXTREMELY powerful.

You can covertly embed ideas into people's minds.

Ideas, desires, whatever you want.

This is the language of covert hypnosis.

You can speak it, and you can write it.

Speaking is hard.


Not so much.

Write hypnotically and trance out your readers all over the world.

Learn How:


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