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You can make a strong argument that written words are what gives us humans the ultimate advantage.

Way back in the days of cave people, spoken words ruled.

If you had the best ideas, the best ways of describing your ideas, you'd be in pretty good shape.

If you could tell stories around campfire every night that would motivate and inspire all the young hunters, you'd be in pretty good shape.

One way to think of these campfire stories is a way to slowly implant post hypnotic suggestions.

Normally, when we think of post hypnotic suggestions, we think of movie hypnosis or stage hypnosis.

Every time you hear your name, you'll jump around like a kangaroo.

Even in the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate," they had the idea of a post hypnotic suggestion.

The secret assassin would get a call, hear the secret phrase, and suddenly shift into assassin mode.

How would this play out in ancient hunter-gatherer story telling?

All the young kids would understand the adults need to go out hunting every day.

And they would invariably experience death, or loss.

Ten guys would go out hunting, and only nine would come back.

So before they were very old, they would realize that hunting is both necessary, and VERY dangerous.

So the stories told HAD to inspire them.

To give them a positive motivation to hunt that HAD to be stronger than the fear.

What kind of stories were they told?

The same structure that is in modern books and movies.

That fighting the bad guys is dangerous, but necessary.

Necessary to protect your friends and family.

But if you DO manage to kill the monster, the rewards are ENORMOUS.

Fame, fortune, and the admiration of all the young ladies.

This is, in a nutshell, the hero's journey,

What, specifically, is the post hypnotic suggestion?

That when you see the monster, you'll feel courage, motivation and deep desire to destroy him.

This is the power of words.

Spoken words are incredibly powerful.

Written words much more so.

Sure, they lack the tonality, the expressions, the social cohesion of all the kids listening to and responding to the story in real time.

But what they lack, they make up for in potential scale.

If you write an effective story, it could resonate for years.

Across generations.

This is precisely why copywriting is a powerful skill to develop.

Sure, you could be a novelist or a scriptwriter.

Write something that will entertain people.

But if you can write words that move people, persuade them, spur them to action, this is real power.

This is the human spirit.

To read and write moving messages that make us feel incredibly courageous, so we can overcome our fear and destroy the demons.

This is real, tangible, magic.

Learn How:


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