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How To Become an In-Demand Writer


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People love discovering secret things.

In many movies, they put in Easter eggs.

Hidden references to other movies.

Weird characters that don't really belong.

One of my favorites is from Fight Club.

Early on, when one of the characters is in some weird therapy session, the famous Tyler Durden appears in the back ground for a split second.

I only noticed it after I'd seen the movie a few times, and was watching it on DVD, where you could watch one frame at a time.

The Da Vinci code and many similar books and movies are centered around secrets and hidden messages.

In one study of chimps, they dropped a box of oranges in the chimp compound when everybody was sleeping.

The first to find them was a young chimp.

He clearly knew that if everybody woke up, he would only get a couple oranges.

All the higher status males would get them.

So, this young clever chimp hid them.

So he could slowly eat them, one at a time, without being detected.

Even chimps like the idea of hidden treasure.

Even chimps can run long game to get an advantage over their betters.

Many movies have secrets hidden in that compel us to watch them a second time.

Movies like Sixth Sense, or Inception.

Where people argue about the ending, and need to watch it a few times to see what it REALLY means.

We LOVE the idea of finding hidden meanings in words and texts.

Study some lyrics of some songs by the Beatles and you'll find all kinds of cryptic sounding phrases.

People LOVE to discuss this stuff.

Sometimes to extreme levels.

Charlie Manson famously thought some of the Beatles' songs were about the Book of Revelation.

The Book of Revelation itself is filled with symbolic writing and images.

If you can write things that have deeper meanings, meanings that people will enjoy discovering, you can make a lot of money.

How do you do this?

Some people just kind of do this naturally, without needing to think.

These are the guys like the Beatles, Shakespeare and guys who write movies like Inception and Sixth Sense.

But you CAN learn how to do this.

There is a science to writing in a specific way so people will find their own versions of deeper meanings.

Some styles are specifically written so everybody can find their own, personal, subjective meaning.

But other styles are designed so they can find SPECIFIC things.

What things?

If you are a copywriter, things about your product.

Things that will make them WANT to buy.

Because this is a very rare skill, it can fetch quite a lot of money.

Which means if you learn how, you'll have a skill that will ALWAYS be in high demand.

Learn How:


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