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Language is both extremely powerful yet something we humans rarely think about.

It's one component of our powerfully imaginative brains.

It can be thought of as a hallucination transmission device.

You have an idea, you put words to that idea, and that same idea is now in somebody else's brain.

That simple concept, of thinking of an idea, and transmitting that idea to another human may well be the driving force that grew our brains.

Between two million years ago and now, our brains tripled in size.

Thought and language may have been the driving force.

How so?

Humans are hierarchical.

The higher you are up the ladder, the more sex you get.

The more sex you get, the more babies you make.

Those babies will have the very same traits that got YOU up that hierarchy ladder.

This makes perfect sense if we imagine that having the best ideas, and describing those ideas was a key component of social hierarchy for the past couple million years.

Even way BEFORE we invented language.

Even chimps, whom we split with six or eight million years ago live in a tight hierarchy.

And just like us, the higher a chimp is up the ladder, the more sex he gets, and the more babies he makes.

And unlike gorillas, whose sheer size determines status, chimps rely more on their wits.

They behave in very clever, and very long game strategizing ways.

So it's easy to imagine how proto humans a couple million years ago (four million years AFTER we split from chimps) would win the hierarchy contests by having the BEST ideas.

Today, those ideas are expressed with words.

Words and thoughts are not generally thought to be related.

The "art" of expressing your thoughts with well chosen words is NOT something most people are skilled in.

Everybody has plenty experiences poorly expressing fantastic ideas.

But it is something you can practice.

And like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get.

This is what Voltaire meant when he said one of his most famous quotes:

"Give me ten minutes to talk away my ugly face, and I'll bed the queen of France."

This is TRUE confidence.

One that does not care about looks.

One that says let me talk, and I can talk my way into ANYTHING.

This can be applied to conversations to make sales or to make anybody dream about you.

But this can also be applied to the written word.

To get people salivating over WHATEVER you are writing about.

Learn More:


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