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Hungry Bears Are Everywhere


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Recently, or perhaps not so recently, there have been a lot of "concern" with AI.

That one day soon, robots will take over.

Of course, this is nothing new.

One of the episodes of the Twilight Zone was some poor guy who put himself out of a job by too much automation.

Every since the Industrial Revolution, people have been worried about being replaced by robots.

So, perhaps the latest fears of super intelligent AI somehow deciding we humans are obsolete is just another version of that.

But consider that humans have something AI will never have.

This is easy to understand from an evolutionary perspective.

Evolution is based on natural selection.

Natural selection is essentially a competition.

A fight between and among species, sometimes called "survival of the fittest."

But even that label is a bit too understated.

Whoever can survive gets to live.

Whoever loses, loses.

A common misunderstanding is that evolution has some specific goal it is pointing toward.

Something "better" or more efficient.

It's nice to think that, but it might not be true.

The environment evolves naturally.

Sometimes heavily influenced by the living creatures, sometimes not.

Whoever can "keep up," gets to stay alive.

Whoever doesn't, doesn't.

What does "keep up" mean, exactly?

Getting enough food to stay alive.

Having enough sex and making enough copies.

Sounds simple, right?

Get enough to eat, and get laid a few times?

But at the same time, 99% of all living things eventually didn't make the cut.

They got eliminated.

Thanks for playing.

They couldn't get enough to eat, and couldn't have enough sex.

One way to think about the slowly evolving environment, and all the living creatures trying desperately to keep us, is with the joke about the two guys hiking who see a bear.

Two guys see a bear.

One guy starts putting on his running shoes.

Other guys says he's crazy since he can't outrun a bear.

First guy says I don't need to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun you.

This is natural selection in a nutshell.

This is also survival within any society, based on any metric, in nutshell.

This is why many people like the idea of magic and free stuff.

Because at its heart, all life is essentially a competition.

People don't like to compete.

People like guaranteed incomes and participation trophies.

What does this mean, for you, Dear Reader?

Embrace the competition.

Embrace your inner drive.

Your human spirit.

To get in the game.

Not to play, not to have fun, but to win.



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