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Perception of speeding up and slowing down time


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George I know you have a bazillion requests and I am adding to them.  You're being a little bombarded, we know you are working hard on these requests, we DO appreciate it and it's really exciting!!!!

But I had a cool idea just now.

I was looking at the clock on my computer and I'm off work and enjoying myself and thought slow down, time, why is it when I am at work at times it drags yet during free time it can seem to speed up.  Well, it's obvious, it depends what you are doing and how much you enjoy it but then I had this idea, what do you think and what do the others here think. 

Something like not necessarily to speed up and slow down time as we wish but more the PERCEPTION of doing that.  Or even both.  What do you think?

So that you know someone could be doing something they don't enjoy - like maybe a boring meeting - and time seems to speed up it either does or it just FEELS like it does.

And they could be doing something they love and have either that feeling or even the reality of time slowing down. 

Something to think about and I think it would be an AWESOME video. 

What do you guys think?

Anyway, that's my request. 

I know I probably need to clarify that a bit more.

But WOAH.  I think it would probably go under parapsychology ones. 

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So here I am, sitting at work....bored out of my mind wishing my 8 hours would be over already after only 3 hours in....and this is the post that happens to show up today....geeze..does George have a video on mind reading???? LOL I totally agree with your idea...days at work just seem to drag by...to the point where I have to listen to the hair growth video because I'm litterally pulling all of mine out by the roots from sheer boredom, and sadly I already have the perfect job for me, so that video is not an option LOL

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