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There's a pretty cool idea called "co-evolution."

It describes how different species tend to form overlapping relationships.

Most of them are between insects and plants.

Simply because there are tons of different insects, and tons of different plants.

Bees and flowers are the most popular example.

The flowers give the bees nectar.

The bees cross pollinate the flowers.

To get the nectar, the bees have to go inside the flower.

The pick up pollen on these small prickly things that have outside.

And when they go from flower to flower, they pick up pollen from one flower, and leave it in another flower.

Of course, neither the bees nor the flowers have any idea what's going on.

But we can sort of imagine how his insect-flower "trade agreement" might have occurred.

Once upon a time, there were plenty of different kinds of bees.

And there were different kinds of flowers.

The flowers that happened to have their free nectar right next to their pollen were a perfect match for the nectar loving bees who happened to have those prickly things on them.

Maybe there were a bunch of nectar loving bees without those prickly things.

Maybe there were a bunch of nectar giving flowers with their pollen somewhere else.

But after tens of thousands (or millions) of generations of natural selection, these two (the bees and the flowers) are a perfect match.

This type of "co-evolution" is also what they think domesticated dogs.

It wasn't like humans went out one day, captured a bunch of wolves and decided to train them.

Over perhaps several hundred generations, the most passive dogs started hanging around humans.

Just like bees and flowers, they "co-evolved" to help each other out.

The dogs got easy food, that they didn't have to chase or kill.

The humans got a potentially fierce looking and sounding animal that would chase away strangers.

Just like bees and flowers, a perfect match.

Another perfect match happens between humans and humans.

We humans have TONS of overlapping selfishness.

Adam Smith describes this in the book, "The Wealth of Nations."

He said the farmer, the butcher, the baker, they don't work hard to produce bread and beer because they desperately want us to be happy.

They want our money.

But they also know that the only way to get our money is to make something we want MORE than our money.

This is the same as bees and flowers.

Only we humans have two very critical advantages.

One is our conscious thinking minds.

We can look around and CHOOSE what kind of stuff we can make.

The other is money.

When these two ideas combine, magic happens.

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