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Ben Franklin famously said that only two things are certain:

Death and taxes.

Maybe he was kidding, maybe it was a deep insight into human nature.

There are, of course, a lot more things about life that are certain.

Yes, we all die.

But what about taxes?

If you study what they call, "Big History," which is essentially the history of all societies, most have some kind of taxation.

But they also have plenty of other similarities.

One is they all figured out how to grow a bunch of food in many, many different environments.

Another is they've all had a form of prostitution.

Another is they are all more or less organized into a hierarchy.

And most had some systemized kind of writing.

So it would seem that there is a lot more to life that is certain that only paying taxes and looking forward to the long dirt nap.

Another thing you'll find in every society since the dawn of time is a kind of money.

One way to think about this is that if you can find the very same behavior no matter where you look, it's got to be an instinct.

We all get hungry and eat.

We all get thirsty and drink.

We all get horny and TRY our best to have sex.

We all like the idea of not working compared to working.

If you had a time travel, invisible, flying observation room, it would be very hard to find too many people who were in a fantastic mood on Monday morning.

You'd also be hard pressed to find people that were depressed on Friday afternoon.

Sad they were going to be away from their boss for a couple days.

Everybody dreams about the same things, more or less.

Sex with supermodels.

Dream romances with dream partners.

Having a huge house in a fantastic location.

Being able to eat the most delicious food.

NEVER having to pay taxes.

These all represent the ideal situation with respect to our instincts.

Enjoying all the positives, without having to put up with the negatives.

Central to all of this is the idea of money.

Before large societies, back when we were hunters, there was no money.

Once they invented large societies, there was money.

Money fulfilled a need.

That is to satisfy and enhance trade between people with different skills.

But it also opened up MASSIVE possibilities.

See, hunters couldn't ever rest.

No animal they killed, or fish they caught would feed them for every long.

But once money was invented, this allowed people to get as much money as they could.

The more of this magic stuff you could get, the LESS you had to work.

Money is the sum total of ALL our instincts.

Understand money, understand everything.

Learn How:


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