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Who Invented Money?


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In many movies and stories, there is sometimes an alpha contest.

A bunch of people will be stranded on an island, or in an elevator, or somewhere.

And they always have some of contest between guys about who gets to be in charge.

This makes for entertaining fiction.

Because it's partly true.

But the best "leaders" are not generally the people who WANT to be leaders.

The best leaders are the people who are chosen by others.

Everybody looks at them and says, "dude, you need to take charge, nobody else knows what to do..."

And the reluctant leader takes charge, and figures everything out.

But some leaders, who want to be leaders, are very, very clever.

Others, not so much.

Way back when Reagan was shot, Alexander Haig made waves by immediately claiming he was in charge.

When in reality, he was third or fourth in the chain of command.

These are the kinds of guys who people tend to avoid.

They kind that are always looking for a reason to boss people around.

The kind of people who walk up to you, look over your shoulder and try to tell you a better way to do what you are doing.

These people exist on all levels.

Small offices, big corporations and even large countries.

One of the most powerful ways to be in control is to first convince people that you aren't in control.

Or that you don't even exist.

This is that famous quote about the devil.

That the biggest trick he ever pulled was to convince everybody he doesn't exist.

This metaphor rings true because it is EXACTLY how people operate.

The most power hungry people of all time.

They know that if you make it OBVIOUS you want to be in charge, you've got to have a reason to be in charge.

Which means as soon as somebody else comes up with a better reason, then THEY get to be in charge.

But the people who REALLY crave power know that the best power is always HIDDEN.

And if you go back into any society, since the dawn of time, this type of power has always involved money of some sort.

Controlling the money of any society is like meta control over everybody else.

This is why nearly all governments since the dawn of time have controlled the money supply.

The ideal situation is for the government to control the money, so ordinary people won't think too much about it.

The thing is, money existed BEFORE governments were invented.

Money existed long before societies were even invented.

There's evidence of very basic forms of money being used 100,000 years ago.

Which an ONLY mean that money is a human instinct.

Not an invention by power hungry goofs looking over your shoulder trying to tell you what to do.

Understand money, understand everything.

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