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Trading Cards and Bank Robbers


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One of my favorite quotes comes from a guy named Willie Sutton.

Not really a quote, more of an answer to a question.

Sutton was a bank robber.

He robbed a bunch of banks, was caught and put in prison a bunch of times.

But he kept escaping, and he kept robbing banks.

So a reporter asked him:

"Mr. Sutton, why do you rob banks?"

His answer was very simple.

"Because that's where the money is."

Of course, this was a clever reframe.

The intention of the question was why do you rob banks as a living.

Compared to being a plumber or something.

But Sutton purposely, cleverly and humorously reframed the question.

Like, why do you rob banks, instead of robbing movie theaters or ice cream shops.

The question of money, and where it is, where it comes from is not an easy question to answer.

On the other hand, it is a very easy question to answer.

From a political, economic, view, money comes from the government.

Or the banks that work for the government.

This is a very dangerous idea.

Because built into the idea, that money comes from the government, is that government gets to choose who gets the money and who doesn't.

This sounds dangerously similar to being a kid, and thinking that money comes from your parents.

And if you behave, and follow the rules set by your parents, they'll give you an allowance.

The amount is based on what they decide to give you.

Many people today have this basic idea about money and society.

That the role of government is to hand out money to people like parents hand out money to kids.

Make no mistake, plenty of people make plenty of money plenty of different ways using this "government hands out money" idea.

And if you can get some, then get some.

But consider having a bit of money flexibility.

Kind of like Willie Sutton had answering flexibility.

No, you shouldn't rob banks.

Just imagine some other ways people can get money.

For example, little kids trade things with each other.

And when little kids are trading things like cards, they instinctively trade for two different kinds of cards.

The cards they want, and will keep.

The cards they know others will want.

And guess what? 

Whenever they accept a card they know others will want, and hang onto it, specifically to trade, that is a form of money.

Technically, it's called commodity money.

How do we know it's an instinct?

Because every time you stick people together, and they start trading stuff, they'll instinctively, collectively, and unconsciously come up with a form of commodity money.

This means that the stuff government banks print, and hand out as money, only works because of our more ancient, more powerful, inner money instinct.

Master this, and master money.

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