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Corporate Christmas Money Scams


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One of the easiest things about economics to understand is supply and demand.

If there is a ton of supply, and very little demand, then it will be cheap.

This is why they have stuff in the bargain bin.

They made too much (too much supply) and not enough people want it (not enough demand) so it's a dollar or two.

(As a kid I found some leftover Christmas candy in the bargain bin, thought I'd discovered secret treasure, but I was up puking all night.)

On the other hand, if something is in huge demand, but little supply, the price will be very expensive.

Companies that make toys are experts at manipulating this.

They blast the TV with ads for toys.

Driving up MASSIVE demand.

Then just before Christmas shopping season, then purposely YANK them from the shelves.

This significantly DECREASES supply.

So they have MASSIVE demand.

Very (artificially) scarce supply.

This isn't, however, to make money.

At least in the short term.

Big companies play the long game very effectively.

So all the parents go shopping, find the toys missing.

Toys their kids have been begging Santa to bring them for MONTHS.

Many of their parents PROMISED them Santa would bring them that particular toy.

Only they go shopping, and it's nowhere to be found.

So they feel guilty, and spend MORE money on ANOTHER TOY.

But still, this isn't the con.

The real con comes a few weeks AFTER Christmas.

When the toy company has somehow "found" a bunch of those missing toys.

So they BLAST those same ads again.

The kids see them, and remember.

They remember that mom or dad PROMISED them that toy, but got them something else.

So the parents feel OBLIGATED to fulfill their promise.

This is how big companies STAY big companies.

This is just an example of a TOY company.

All big companies play all kinds of games like this.

Purposely yanking around supply and demand, creating artificial scarcity, knowing they can OUT SMART most people.

Not that most people are dumb.

It's just that most people are too worried about paying their bills, not getting into trouble at work, and basically SURVIVING.

Big corporations, politicians, even religious organizations have been pulling crap like this since the dawn of time.

One of the biggest, most ancient cons is a kind of META con.

By purposely creating tons of mystery around the NATURE of money.

Everybody believes money is scarce.

Everybody believes money is evil.

Everybody even believes wanting money is bad.

Absolute nonsense.

In a rigged system, getting money is evil.

But in an honest system, WANTING money, GETTING money is the absolute BEST way you can serve your fellow human.

Because in an honest system, the ONLY way to get money is to FIRST thing about what OTHER people want.

Adam Smith knew this hundreds of years ago.

And so can you.

Learn More:


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