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Three Deadly Deceptions


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Thoreau wrote that most men live lives of quiet desperation.

What does this mean, exactly?

Most people want things they'll never get.

They are desperate for things they don't have.

Yet they never do much about it.

They are quiet, and they are desperate.

Most people are content to do what they are told.

Most people's dreams of fame and riches involve somebody else doing most of the work.

Young people who want to become actors dream of being discovered.

Of doing nothing more than walking down the street, and being "noticed."

This is based on our common idea that we are special somehow.

That all we need is for somebody else, somebody who has more money, more connections, more resources, to find us.

And notice our specialness.

And reward us for our specialness.

This is a very lazy way of thinking.

It's also they way those that actually have power, and money, and connections, WANT us to think.

Just understanding this only makes it worse.

Now you've got TWO ideas that are a recipe for mediocrity and poverty.

One is to wait around for SOMEBODY ELSE to make it happen.

The other is to BLAME all those other people for any lack.

Both of these thoughts are VERY EASY to think.

It's why nearly EVERYBODY has them to some degree.

Which is kind of a messed up paradox.

That EVERYBODY believes they are special.

And nobody can really define, specifically, WHY they are special.

This is actually a very valuable instinct.

To BELIEVE that you are special.

But like all our other instincts, what worked before doesn't work so well today.

How did our, "I'm special" instinct work in the past?

It was a tool of MOTIVATION.

It drove us to DO THINGS that demonstrated our specialness.

Every day was a COMPETITION to see who could DO THINGS that were better than everybody else.

Now we've all been brainwashed into thinking all we need do is SHOW UP.

That merely by EXISTING, we are supposed to merely RECEIVE a bunch of cool stuff.

But that is a lie.

Unless you are still a kid, living a home, nobody is going to GIVE YOU anything.

Does this mean you need to be evil, vicious and start TAKING things from people?

This common MISCONCEPTION is the third idea keeping people trapped inside their bubble of safety and mediocrity.

One, we think by being special will get us free stuff.

Two, if we don't get free stuff, it's somebody else's fault.

Three, if we try and get more than we have, we are being bad or wrong or evil.

All three of these are lies, cons, and scams.

But mostly WE are scamming OURSELVES.

The truth is very freeing.

That if you get in the game, instead of waiting on the sidelines, it's much more natural to get whatever you want.

Learn How:


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