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Re-Calibrate Money Beliefs


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A long, long time ago, Mother Nature had a decision to make.

Our brains were getting really big, really quickly.

Too big to be born close to fully formed, like most other mammals.

So She had two choices.

Make female hips much wider, or make us born much earlier.

Since wider hips would have forced us back down on all fours, She, Mother Nature, chose the second option.

Of having us born well before we were done "cooking."

This is why few of us have a lot of memories before five or so.

This is why can't walk until about two.

This is why kids can't talk fully until about three.

Chomsky's theory of transformational grammar says we have a "language organ" in our brain.

That it is a kind of a language structure.

It needs to be calibrated, and that takes a couple years.

This is why kids go from speaking gibberish to fully formed sentences pretty quickly.

Once they get all their language structures calibrated, off they go.

We might imagine we have a bunch of "structures" in our brains.

And once these structures are calibrated, we use those calibrated structures as operational models.

Religion may be another organ.

All people, from all parts of the world, and from all eras usually believe in some kind of religion.

And once that is set, it's pretty hard to change.

This is exactly what the Jesuits said when they were trying to recapture market share for the Catholic Church after the protestant reformation.

They found that converting adults was difficult.

But converting new born kids was easy.

Give me a child at birth, they said, and he'll be a soldier of Christ by seven.

This isn't so much about Jesus, more about how programmable our young brains are.

One way our brains are programmed is about money.

Our beliefs about money, what it represents, etc.

None of this is done on purpose.

If you're six, and you're sitting around the dinner table, you'll naturally soak up the "money beliefs" from your parents.


When they talk about things like vacations, chocolate ice cream, pizza, etc, they exhibit "happy" energy.

When they talk about ANYTHING related to money, the "energy" is not happy.

Work, bills, rent, etc.

So even before any of us really know what money IS, we have been inadvertently trained that it's something everybody needs, everybody wants, but getting it is not only difficult, but extremely frustrating.

And given that financial issues create the most anguish between otherwise happy couples, this adds another negative element to "money energy."

Before we even really understand money, it's tainted with a whole slew of negative ideas.

Unless you address these, and recalibrate them, getting money will be difficult.

But after you recalibrate your money instinct?

Money is a wonderful, natural, and necessary human invention.

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