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Hallucinating Tangible Burritos


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I love scientific and mathematical paradoxes.

I have as long as I can remember.

One of my favorites, even when I was a kid, was two different types of infinities.

Imagine two lines, one above the other.

The two endpoints line up.

But the bottom line is flat, or parallel to the ground.

While the line above it is tilted, and therefore longer, since the endpoints line up.

Both lines have an infinite number of points.

And each point on the top line can connect to a point on the bottom line.

Which mean each line can be said to have same number of infinite points.

But since the line on the bottom is shorter, its infinity is denser than the top infinity.

Of once you start talking about different kinds of infinity (there are actually an infinite different kinds of infinity) your brain starts to get dizzy.

This is really a function of our brains not being "calibrated" to understand stuff like this.

I suppose if we were visited by aliens a few hundred thousand years ahead of us, they might think it was cute that we silly humans were impressed with simple things like infinity.

But meanwhile, back in reality, we can consider two kinds of strangeness.

There is the stuff that is purely magic.

The stuff that is in super hero movies, and comic books.

Then there is the stuff that only seems magic, but can be (allegedly) described by science.

But then there is the stuff that can only be explained metaphorically.

Take Napoleon Hill's insight, that "thoughts are things."

On one hand, this makes perfect sense.

A thought is a noun.

I have a banana.

I have a thought.

One is a tangible noun.

One is an intangible, or metaphorical noun.

But intangible thoughts CAN become tangible things.

For example, if you were thinking about a burrito.

There you are, thinking about that, and it doesn't yet exist.

At least not in your proximity.

But if you get up and make one, it will exist.

This is perfectly normal, but it's also kind of cool.

Because we can do this with things that don't yet exist.

Taking a thought and turning it into a never-before-seen thing is what inventors do.

Every single non-natural thing that exists today, was once a pure fantasy in somebody brains.

Once upon a time there were no tables, no microwaves, no roller skates, no burritos, nothing else.

But even more magical is the potential energy stuff that makes this all possible.

What kind of stuff is that?


If you have money, you can buy stuff that exists.

Or you can hold onto it until somebody invents something better.

And buy that.

Money, inventions, and human brains.

Normal, plain, everyday.

And paradoxically magical at the same time.

Get Some:


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