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There's a fairly new branch of history called, "Big History."

This is the history from the beginning, all the way up to now.

(BTW, a friend once told me baseball was in the bible.


Check it out, first book, he said.

In the big inning...)

And through Big History, you find plenty of similarities between societies.

For one, they all start when somebody figures out how to grow food.

We humans have done this in the strangest ways.

All societies tend to have different classes of people.

The rich and powerful up on top, poor people down at the bottom.

All societies have some form of taxation.

Sometimes they refer to this as tributes.

Where they ruled have to pay "tribute" to those in charge.

Sometimes this is called taxation, and it's allegedly used to help pay for stuff.

But the structure is ALWAYS the same.

The people on top collect the money.

The people in the middle, and at the bottom, pay the money.

The older a society gets, the more corruption grows.

Even today, historians are unsure of the REAL intention behind the very first set of laws set down by Hammurabi. 

Were they to really help everybody, in a fair way?

Or were they carefully created to make it easy for the wealthy elite to loophole their way up the power structure?

Another common thing you'll find in societies, as they tend to decay, is that they debase, or devalue their currency.

Talking about devaluing currency is usually a topic for conspiracy theorists.

But since it happens in pretty much EVERY society, it's something we might want to pay attention to.

Especially if you want to get more money than you have now.

And since EVERYBODY always wants more money than they have now, understanding what money IS and how it works SHOULD be important.

Yet nobody ever studies the structure of money.

Nobody ever teaches the structure of money.

But consider these very basic, very NON-CONSPIRACY theory ideas.

One, every society that has ever popped up since the dawn of time has collapsed.

As they collapse, they grow in corruption.

They invariably devalue their monetary system.

What, EXACTLY does this mean?

Governments must live by the taxes they collect.

If they raise taxes too much, people get angry.

So ALL governments have figured out how to make MORE money, and not tell anybody.

So they can keep it for themselves.

They get MORE money than they collect in taxes.

This is a very simple, very basic aspect of money.

One that they don't advertise.

But if you want to truly UNDERSTAND money, so you can get some, you need to know the good stuff, as well as the bad stuff.

At least then you'll have a fighting chance.

Get Started:


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