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Whenever politicians talk, they are necessarily vague.

Part of this is an aspect of covert hypnosis.

Covert hypnosis involves being artfully vague.

For hypnosis, it's almost always a one on one conversation.

By knowing your target, you can leave specific vague blanks in the conversation.

Your target will fill in the blanks with their own ideas and experiences, and will have a memory of being much more involved in the conversation.

Even if you did all the talking.

Since while you were talking, you put in a bunch of vague ideas.

Since these were vague, your target will fill them with their own ideas.

So even if they were just following along, they will essentially fill in the blanks with their own memories, experiences.

If you are very clever, you can create a desire, motivation, compulsion, whatever you want.

Which means even though you are doing all the talking, they will end up wanting to do something.

But it will be based on their content, their memories, etc.

So it will seem very much like their idea.

This is why covert hypnosis is very useful for therapy, sales and seduction.

Or even playing with friends.

But politicians use the same technology, only they use it much differently.

A rough example is when politicians say something like, "I'm in favor of education!"

This sounds fantastic.

If you are a teacher, you'll imagine he wants to spend more money on schools.

If you're a parent of a struggling student, you'll imagine he wants to improve the education system somehow.

If you are a big business, you'll imagine he wants to increase the skills of graduating students, so it will provide better workers to companies.

But what if the politician is super evil?

What if when he says, "I'm in favor of education," he's imagining re-education camps?

He's imaging rounding up all the dissenters, putting them in forced labor camps where they will be "re-educated"?

Kind of an extreme example, but it is based on vague language.

One of the most common ways politicians (and pretty much all authorities) spread tons of disinformation is around money and economics.

We are purposely kept in the dark about what money is, where it comes from, and what it represents.

Henry Ford once said that one out of a million people will truly understand our monetary system.

Funny how the people who are always spinning tales about money, and what it is, are the guys who are in power.

If you understand money, a couple of things will happen.

First, you'll have to ditch all kinds of magic money beliefs.

Second, is once you see what it is, where it comes from, you'll figure out how to get some.

As much as you want.

Learn How:


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