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Most guys believe, or at least have heard, the idea that attraction isn't a choice.

This is absolutely true.

An easy way to understand this is how we choose food.

Eating is a necessary instinct.

We need to eat, or else we'll die.

Since all animals need to eat, we are all programmed with a dual motivation system.

It feels really good to eat.

It feels really horrible to not eat.

And when it comes to choosing WHAT we eat, we don't need our brains.

Sure, we CAN use our brains, but that's not our default function.

If you are only hungry, and not concerned with calories or anything, your natural tastes will do just fine.

So, we can say that the food we like to eat is NOT our rational choice.

The food we enjoy eating, we don't CHOOSE to eat.

If we could choose to like certain foods, nobody would be overweight.

We would all CHOOSE to love broccoli and boiled chicken breasts.

Attraction works the same way.

Attraction is connected to reproduction, or sex.

And just like food, we can't CHOOSE who we are attracted to.

Otherwise, nobody would ever have a broken heart.

We could just choose to be attracted to whomever was attracted to us.

But if you've ever had an unreciprocated crush, you know this impossible.

So, attraction is NOT a choice.

Most of us very much wish it WAS a choice.

But it's not.

However, we often behave as it if it WERE a choice.

Guys talk to ladies as if they can CONVINCE them to be attracted to them.

A guy sees a girl across the room.

He's already attracted to her.

So he decides to TALK to her.

And he wants to TALK to her, and CONVINCE her to be attracted to him.

This utterly contradicts our nature.

It would be like having a dinner party, and deciding to cook a huge pot of oatmeal.

And having a strategy of trying to TALK to your dinner guests and convince them to "like" the oatmeal.

What does this mean?

It's one of those good news, bad news things.

The bad news if you are attracted to any one girl, and she's NOT attracted to you, there's not much you can do.

The good news?

There are some very simple things you can do to INCREASE how attractive you are to WOMEN in general.

These are simple drills you can do daily.

The more you do them, the more attractive you'll get.

The more attractive you get, the LESS talking you'll have to do.

You'll just need to show up.

Quickly check among all the ladies who are interested in you.

And pick the best one.

Learn How:


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