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One of the most important concepts in business is the idea of scale.

First, you need to figure out something that is cheap enough to make, and will create a profit if you sell it.

For example, if you spend $10 on any product, and you can sell that product for $20, that's pretty good.

But not so good if you can only make and sell one product per day.

No matter what kind of business you are in, unless you can scale it up, you won't get rich.

Even if you could make ten or twenty of those $10 products at home, if you had to sell each one door to door, you'd be significantly limiting your income.

You'd have to put in a LOT of hustle to make a few hundred bucks per day.

Scaling up is where the money is.

Hiring a bunch of people to make your products for you.

Hiring a bunch of people to sell your products for you.

If you make and sell them yourself, you might make $10 per product.

But if you scale up, and outsource, even if you make $0.10 per product, you can still get rich if you sell millions per year.

You'll find this structure in a lot of places.

A lower level, where you put in a lot of work and get a certain result.

A higher level, where you put in more or less the same work, but get WAY more results.

The question is how to you crash through that barrier.

These are essentially the two levels you can find in dating.

Most guys are always and only in the first level.

Where they can only think of getting girls one at a time.

See a girl, talk to her, get her number.

Spend a lot of time trying to build attraction in that ONE girl.

Guys on the second level NEVER have to worry about this.

They have essentially discovered the secret of SCALE.

They create attraction automatically.


Simply by the way they interact with people.

Not just the girls they like, but ALL people.

Everybody sees this.

Everybody sees that everybody sees this.

Like a guy who's got a bunch of factories building and selling products around the clock, guys at this level have attraction building around the clock.

Girls see him, and see that everybody else sees him.

They think about him.

Talk about him.

Dream about him.

Getting from the lower level to the higher level is difficult.

But once you get there, you'll never need worry about attraction again.

Learn How:



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