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There are two kinds of cycles when it comes to human behavior.

Both are self reinforcing.

One is good, the other is not.

Sometimes these are called virtuous and vicious cycles.

Most guys, when it comes to relationships, love, sex, etc. are barely on the border.

They have good days and bad days.

On good days, they'll be in a good mood.

They'll smile, say hey, maybe get a few numbers.

Success breeds success.

The more positive responses they get from their female environment, the more this boosts their mood, and the cycle continues.

The other half is just as easy and just as common.

You are in a bad moon, and nothing works.

You smile, and nobody smiles back.

You ask for a dozen numbers, and get shut down.

This is so common it was the theme for the first hit the Rolling Stones ever had, way back in the sixties.

"She says, baby, baby, baby, maybe next week, can't you see I'm on a losing streak, I can't get no..."

Sometimes the best thing to do is to step back.

Get some perspective.

This is a common movie theme.

A mythical archetype.

Some poor guy gets his ass handed to him.

Almost dies.

So he retreats, heals, and practices.

And he practices some more.

Finally, when it's back on top, he gets back in the game and kills all the bad guys.

Usually, in a way that leaves no room for doubt.

Some movies and stories and mythology are based on uncertainty till the end.

When you never know until the end if the good guy is going to win.

But not in the retreat and regroup movies.

There have been a few samurai movies like this.

As well as a few westerns.

After the hero takes some time away from the action, he doesn't just come back stronger.

He comes back utterly invincible.

Either with his Katana or his six gun, he mows down all the bad guys without breaking a sweat.

Bing, bam, boom.

This is possible for you.

Not to kill any individual, but to kill "it."

What is "it"?

The "game" that most people play.

Of having conversations with multiple levels of push pull, barely perceptible levels of flirtation, all with plausible deniability, just in case it doesn't work.

See, when you take some time off, and build up your core, when you come back, you won't need to worry about any of that stuff.

Just show up, be yourself, and take your pick.

Easy peasy.

Learn How:


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