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There are a couple of very common misconceptions in dating.

One is that guys are more visual.

This is incorrect.

It only seems that way, but when you get what's going on, it will make sense.

The thing that causes initial, subconscious, automatic attraction in men is how a woman looks.

A man can look at a women and know within a couple of nano seconds whether she's not or not.

Sure, this happens only through visual perception.

But the driving force of INITIAL male attraction to women is female appearance.

This isn't a function of men's eyes.

It is a function of women's looks.

Now, for most normal guys, this is only a starting point.

But the thing that gets guy's attention is physical appearance.

For women, it's not nearly as physical.

Again, this is a common misconception.

Many men put WAY too much emphasis on how they look.

Now, you might debate WHAT, specifically, a women is looking for beyond looks.

But it's pretty obvious that men are more concerned with looks, and women are more concerned with NON LOOKS.

Because you can see plenty of hot looking ladies with some pretty weird looking dudes.

Much more than the other way around.

The money question is what, specifically are women looking for BEYOND just the looks?

Make no mistake, looks are important.

You have to have a MINIMUM level of attraction.

But so long as you aren't a thousand pounds overweight, and you are wearing some decent clothes and you've showered recently, you're good to go.

Most guys will claim that girls only want money.

Sure, that's true for some women, but not most.

So, what DO they want?

Ask a woman, and she won't know for sure.

This is generally given as evidence that women are crazy, or emotional, or illogical.

While men are logical and not so crazy.

Another misconception.

Women might not KNOW what they want, but they certainly respond to what they want.

The problem is that most women will rarely meet any guy who is CLOSE to what they want.

Or rather, what their ancient instincts want.

For guys, that can't imagine this.

Guys see hot girls everywhere.

Even if you don't see them in your neighborhood, you can find them online.

Can women find hot guys online?

Sure, they can find physically attractive men on line.

But that is NOT their main criteria.

The main attraction criteria for women is based on a guy's personality.

His social skills, his confidence.

NONE of this stuff shows through online.

Few guys can demonstrate this in person.

So when it comes to deep and ancient triggers of female attraction, most women are STARVING.

Which means if YOU can develop just SOME of those personality based characteristics, you'll be a dream come true.

For who?

For pretty much any woman who is lucky enough to have a conversation with you.

Learn How:


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