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If you trade stocks, or are even passively interested in the markets, then you know what a moving average is.

If you don't, it's pretty simple.

Every day, any particular stock (or commodity, etc.) has an opening price, a high of the day, a low of the day, and the close.

But to make it easier to see the general trend, they have a moving average.

The ten day moving average is the average closing price of the last ten days.

The two hundred day moving average of the last two hundred days.

Generally speaking, if both the ten day moving average and the 200 day moving average are going up, the stock (or underlying company) is in good shape.

Why is this important?

Because people tend to think in terms of moving averages as well.

Everything we see, we tend to compare, at least subconsciously to a bunch of other stuff.

But since our memories are pretty short, we can only compare what we see to that last few things we've seen.

Kind of like a mental moving average.

Imagine a group of ancient hunters.

One guy brings back a big kill on one day.

For that particular day, he'll get a lot of recognition.

But suppose the next several days, he doesn't kill anything.

Most people will forget.

Most of us have the "what have you done for me lately" filter in our brain.

On the other hand, consider a guy who gets some decent kills a couple times a week.

He'll have much more stable social status.

And for all the ladies in the tribe, he'll be the one they crave.

This is how women view men.


Whatever you qualities you demonstrate, they necessarily will have to compare them to every other guy they remember in the past few days or weeks.

For many guys, this intimidating.

But only on the surface.

Because guys only practice external game.

When you practice internal game, all you need is a few minutes conversation to see you as somebody who stands out.

Likely more than any guy she's ever talked to.

And building up inner game is much easier, as it's more of a life skill than a pick up skill.

And when any girl even suspects you've got more going on that chasing the ladies, this will DEFINITELY make her remember you.

This will trigger her deep and ancient attraction instincts.

Think about it from an ancient caveman perspective.

Men went out hunting every day, hunting wealth.

Women had to follow the men.

Modern men, who purposely and overtly chase ladies, will NEVER trigger her deep and ancient instincts.

You, on the other hand, can.

And give her something she is starving for.

And can't find anywhere else.

Learn How:


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