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One of the best pieces of advice in fiction is to show, don't tell.

This is one of those things that everybody has heard a billion times.

But few have taken the time to understand precisely why this is such good advice.

A common complaint is a movie or TV show sucks because of lazy writing.

This is usually an example of telling rather than showing.

A good piece of fiction requires our participation.

We like to watch the plot unfold, and make inferences about what has happened and why.

Characters that have complex and unknown back stories make them more mysterious, and therefore more interesting.

Every time we see them, we are subconsciously reminded that they have a complex backstory that we don't know about.

This makes our brains, from a subconscious standpoint, much more interested in those characters.

It's very similar to using curiosity as a marketing strategy.

They more curiosity they can generate for any kind of product, the more we'll tend to buy it.

When we are watching fiction, and we can put together what's going on, from the clues, we feel a sense of ownership.

A sense of discovery.

It feels much more like OUR experience.

One that we participated in.

Moves and TV shows that only TELL, don't require nearly as much brain power.

It's much more passive.

It's much more like passive watching, rather than participating.

This the difference between well written dramas, and movies that depend on special effects and action.

This can also be applied to dating, attraction, and seduction.

The idea is the same.

Show, don't tell.

For example, a guy who is TELLING instead of showing will say things like, "I want you to be happy."

As if a girl is going to hear that, and suddenly become happy.

On the other hand, a guy with much deeper seduction skills will behave in a way that will make her happy.

He'll carefully calibrate her behavior, so he can alter his behavior to get the best response.

She can just relax and enjoy the ride.

Guys mess up with they make it TOO OBVIOUS that they are interested in her.

It's much better if she wonders whether you're into her or not.

Step one is to behave in a way that will CREATE positive feelings in her.

WITHOUT talking about it.

Simply by calibrating her behavior, and using her subconscious signals to MAXIMIZE her good feelings.

Step two is make sure she is always wondering about you.

This will create maximum attraction, in her, for you.

All by SHOWING her, and not telling her.

The best part is once you make this part of your personality, you can do this with EVERY girl you interact with.

Which will create plenty of women out there that are dreaming of you.

Learn How:


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