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Many things have two time components.

Short term and long term.

These are almost always inversely proportional to one another.

For example, sleeping in and then eating carne asada nachos along with a bottle of Jack Daniels feels very good in the short term.

But it will kill you in the long term.

On the other hand, getting up early, doing some calisthenics, and carefully monitoring your caloric intake most definitely SUCKS in the short term.

But it will generate some very LONG term gains.

Another common human trait is to get bad things over with as quickly as possible.

Like pulling of a bandage.

Or setting a bone.

Or doing your taxes.

If you combine these two you CAN end up in disaster.

Especially when it comes to attempting to create attraction in the ladies.

Generally it works like this.

A guy sees a cute girl.

He is getting some signs of interest, but you can never be too sure unless you go over there and say hey.

So, the guy uses the bone setting approach.

To get it OVER with as quickly as possible.

But guys also tend to try the short term approach.

To try to generate attraction RIGHT NOW.

This very rarely works.

Even the most confident guys, when trying this technique, have a VERY LOW success rate.

Instead, consider flipping the script on BOTH models.

One, forget about short term attraction.

Attraction is BEST created in HER mind when you're not around.

When she's thinking about you.

Wondering about you.

This, after all, was how feelings of love and attraction happened naturally.

When she was thinking about you, and not knowing WHEN or even IF she would see you again.

So, if you walk over there and make it OBVIOUS you want to jump in her panties, she'll never WONDER about you.

Since she KNOWS that all she has to do is call and you'll come running.

How, specifically, can you create the wonderful wondering effect that most ladies are desperate for these days?

One is to become a Man with a Plan.

A guy who's got a lot more going on in his life that trying to jump in any girl's panties who gives him more than a nanosecond of eye contact.

Two, is when you talk to her, makes sure she's NOT SURE if you are interested in her or not.

How do you do this?

By asking her questions about HER.

Not to judge her, not to qualify her, but just to get a better picture of her.

Ask her about her future plans, her dreams, and whatever else she LIKES about herself.

No judgement, but also not obvious compliments.

Ask her, become interested in her, and leave while she's still feeling good.

Then she'll wonder about you and HOPE that she sees you again.

Start to do this normally, not just with cute girls, but with everybody, and pretty soon the world will be filled with cute girls wondering about you.

And hoping you contact them again.

Learn How:


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