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Lies, Sex And Ghosting Girls


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A very common "truism" is that lying is wrong, but not for the reasons people assume.

It's "wrong" because the more you lie, the more stuff you've got to remember.

Lying is bad, from a purely strategic standpoint.

This is why if you think somebody is lying to you, ask them to first tell you their story.

Then ask them to tell it to you backwards.

If they are telling the truth, then describing the events in reverse will be just as easy as forward.

This is precisely what people mean when they say the know something forward and backward.

Another lie detector test is to remember all the details, and then a couple of days later, bring up the topic again.

But purposely get one of the details wrong.

If they go along with your incorrect detail, you know they are lying.

If they correct you, chances are they are telling the truth.

Another way to detect lies is to first calibrate lies and truths.

This is hard to do without the other person knowing.

It's usually used as an exercise in body language and facial expression reading.

You get them to tell you three things both of you know are lies.

Then you get them to tell you three things both of you know are true.

This will let you calibrate their "truth telling energy," and their "lying energy."

Then they tell you something, and only they know if it's true or not.

This is spooky accurate.

But many people lie without really knowing they are lying.

Which means they'll eventually "get caught."

When that happens, the jig, as they say, is up.

How does this happen?

Whenever a guy starts talking to a cute girl.

He's acting on his best behavior.

He's using all kinds of CONSCIOUS techniques.

Practiced techniques.

He's essentially presenting a FALSE version of himself.

If the girl likes him, she's really liking a best-case scenario of who is he is.

Eventually, the REAL HIM will come out.

Sometimes this takes a while.

Sometimes it happens soon after they have sex.

Why sex?

When a guy has sex with a girl, so long as he's not a sociopath, it changes how he feels about her on an emotional level.

He values her MUCH MORE.

His ancient caveman instincts truly believes SHE is his best chance for replication.

He doesn't think this consciously, but it's like a switch goes off in his ancient brain.

He behaves much differently around her.

Much more needy, much less "attractive." 

This is why this is such a common scenario.

Guy meets girl.

Guy sleeps with girl.

Guy's behavior changes abruptly.

Guy is no longer attractive to girl.

Girl ghosts guy.

Guy wonders why, and assumes all women are evil, or manipulative, etc.

If you behave NORMALLY all the time, this won't happen.

If you are operating from a TRUE abundance mindset, this won't happen.

How, exactly, do you that?

This will show you:


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