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It's hard to eat only a little bit.

Especially when you are hungry.

Imagine trying to keep to your diet by going to an all you can eat buffet for both lunch and dinner.

It's extremely difficult, from inside our own brains, to tell the difference between eating because we like it, from eating because we need it.

This is why a common piece of advice is to eat very, very slowly.

Our brain is about twenty minutes behind our mouths.

I don't know about you, but I can eat plenty in twenty minutes.

For any given meal, you only need about 500-1000 calories.

So if you eat VERY SLOWLY, your brain will send you the "stop eating" signal right around that same calorie mark.

But if don't purposely eat slowly, you can EASILY put in a couple thousand calories in twenty minutes.

All our instincts work like this.

When they are happy, our brains pretty much shut down.

Because they were calibrated way back in the day when there were FAR fewer things to satisfy our instincts.

A very COMMON similarity to "eating too fast" is talking to girls for TOO LONG.

Most people understand the law of scarcity.

The scarcer something is, the more you value it.

So if you text or call too much, you'll RUIN any attraction she has.

But this works with first conversations as well.

Most guys talk to girls as long as they possibly can.

Until they run out of things to say.

But here's a general rule, that works kind of like the "eating slow" rule.

If you end the conversation BEFORE she wants to, she'll end up WANTING MORE of you.

But if you keep talking after SHE thinks it's time to end, it will have the opposite effect.

It will create a subconscious feeling of not being able to get rid of you if she wants to.

But if you always end the interaction BEFORE she wants to, it will create a subconscious, "I want more of that guy" feeling.

If you do this with successive interactions, it will have a much more powerful effect.

Do it once, and she'll enjoy it, but it's easy to forget.

Do it a few times, over a few weeks, and that will cause her to wonder about you.

To think about you.

To convince HERSELF that she really likes you.

Not for your reasons, but for hers.

This is essentially how people fall in love.

Self hypnosis.

Trouble is, it's very difficult to do this consciously.

But if you build your life so you behave this way naturally, you'll have this same impact on PLENTY of women.

Just by living your life, you'll be creating a whole ARMY of women who are always out there, dreaming about you and wishing you'd call.

Learn How:


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