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The Caveman Attraction Pattern


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One way to figure out what to do is ask what a caveman would do.

A common problem people have is with overeating.

That's because our hunger instinct is out of calibration.

Back in the day, we had to spend a lot of time, energy and risk to get food.

So, our bodies slowly calibrated themselves, via natural selection, to our environment.

So we have a three phase energy system.

The first phase is we get a hungry feeling.

This is an unconscious signal that makes us want to eat something.

All animals have this, so we don't need conscious thought.

Sure, we can describe our hunger.

We can talk about how we can satisfy our hunger.

But the hungrier we get, the more we want to eat something.

For ancient humans, this got us up out of bed and got us out looking for something to eat.

The second phase of our hunger instinct is when we actually HAVE something to eat.

The "pleasure" of food in our mouths sends a signal to our brains.

To stop thinking about anything else, and eat as much as we can.

This is like a family on a road trip, stopping and filling up every time they pass a gas station.

The third phase of our hunger instinct is that we store the extra.

So we can go for DAYS between meals without dying.

The longer we go without food, the hungrier we get.

When we have food, we eat as much as we can and store the extra energy.

An absolutely PERFECT system for an ancient world.

Today, this SAME system will KILL you if you don't always and consciously manage it.

Modern dating is the same.

Our mating instincts in the PAST worked fantastically.

Today, if we obey them they will DESTROY any chance of long lasting sex and love.

So, how would it have worked in the past?

Men were always away from the women, looking for something to kill.

They would bring back stuff, and everybody, including all the ladies, would be grateful.

Then the men would leave again.

The women would NOT KNOW when they would come back.

So when they did, they were grateful.

And since men had to follow the animals (the wealth of hunter gatherers) the women had no choice but to follow the men.

The instincts of men is to chase and kill (acquire) wealth.

The instincts of women is to follow men.

If you go to a fast food restaurant, it will be very hard to control your instincts.

The food will trigger your ancient eating instincts whether you like it or not.

If a woman sees a MAN WITH A PLAN, it will trigger her attraction instincts.

Whether she likes it or not.

Once they are triggered, she'll have little choice but to obey them.

What will they make her do?

FOLLOW the man who is chasing wealth.

How to you BECOME this man?

Learn How:


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