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Short term benefits almost always create long term problems.

This was essentially the story of the Pied Piper.

Dude promised to rid a town of rats.

He did, and then he came to collect.

The townspeople decided not to pay him.

So he got rid of all children the same way he got rid of the rats.

Moral of the story?

You can pay now, or you can pay later, but you're gonna pay.

And basic economics tells us the LONGER you defer any payments, the more they will add up.

This is why payday loans create such a vicious cycle.

Some folks are SO desperate for money NOW, they don't care what the costs are.

So when they borrow $500, for example, it might end up costing them a few thousand.

If you decided to eat a bunch of junk food, it would taste great NOW, but the long term consequences would be much worse.

If you decided to sleep in every day, it would feel good in the short term, but add up to disaster in the long term.

This is one major reason why modern dating is such a dumpster fire of disaster.

For example, a guy is desperate to get laid.

He doesn't want to get laid in a year or two, he wants to get laid right NOW.

The problem is, in order to dot this, he's got to use a ton of conscious effort.

He's got to say things in the right way.

Act in the right way.

Listen carefully to what she says, and respond in the right way.

This takes a lot of conscious effort.

But it's also a very SHORT TERM strategy.

Eventually, the REAL YOU will pop up.

This is why many people get stuck in a serial monogamy trap.

And just by playing the odds, if you are serial monogamist, HALF of those relationships will be ended by the OTHER PERSON.

Getting dumped sucks.

What's the solution?

To stop using external game that requires a ton of conscious effort.

Instead, learn to behave in a way that is NATURALLY attractive.

So you don't even have to think about what to say and do.

Just show up, and be yourself, and create attraction.

The benefits of this are ENORMOUS.

Once is you'll have real feelings of sexual abundance.

You'll never feel like you need to TRY to get laid.

You'll always feel like you have plenty of options.

So you'll never need to worry about what to say or do.

This will come across in your body language, energy and non verbal communication.

Even better is girls will be trying to convince YOU to choose THEM.

This will give you an ENTIRELY new outlook.

One that will change all areas of your life.

Learn How:


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