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Avoid The Scared Money Attraction Killer


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Playing with scared money is never a good idea.

Both literally and metaphorically.

Literally this applies to investing and gambling.

Say you buy a stock at $100 a share.

It pops up a little bit, but then sinks down to $90.

Then $80, then $70, etc.

It's tempting to toss MORE money at it.

The idea being that IF it goes back up, you'll make even more.

But this is also VERY dangerous.

Because the more money you lose, the LESS you are thinking logically, and the more you are thinking emotionally.

Similarly, if you are playing blackjack, for example, it's common to double down as you keep losing.

If you lose $10, then you bet $20.

The idea being that if you win on the $20 bet, you'll be even.

But then you lose.

So you figure you'll bet $40, with the same strategy.

If this is some kind of pure math problem, you can think logically.

But the more money you lose, the LESS you'll think rationally, and the more you'll think IRRATIONALLY.

Irrational, or emotionally driven decisions RARELY work out.

Hence the metaphor to never play with scared money.

A much BETTER investment strategy is to have a VERY STRICT stop loss.

If you're down 20%, for example, take a break.

This same idea applies to pretty much anything.

If you're making decisions out of desperation, or scarcity, they almost NEVER work.

For example, let's say and guy and a girl have been on one date.

They sort of like each other the same amount.

But the difference is the girl has more options.

So the girl is slightly LESS LIKELY to text the guy.

So the guy texts the girl FIRST.

As soon as he fires off the text, he slips into "scared money territory."

He'll wait and hope and pray that she texts back.

But suppose, just based on RANDOM events, she doesn't text back.

Maybe she saw the text while she was just about to get to the checker at the supermarket.

She planned to text later, but forgot, due to other RANDOM things happening.

So the guy gets worried.

Maybe she didn't see it?

So he texts again.

It won't take long before his texts serve to DECREASE her attraction.

Then he acts like the guy doubling down after every bet.

He texts become MORE frequent.

The message become MORE desperate.

This makes him more desperate WHILE it decreases HER attraction.

This is why most guys, in the dating world, are ALWAYS playing with scared money.

The trick is to switch the polarity.

Not to use fake game to create false scarcity or any of that.

To build your life so you are NATURALLY more attractive.

So you don't have to THINK about your actions.

This is like playing with house money.

You are WAY ahead of the game.

You don't care of you win or if you lose.

Which tends to help you win more often.

Same with dating.

If you LIVE with an abundant mindset, based on your abundant life, this will breed MORE abundance.

This takes some time to create, but once you get there, it's EASY money.

Or easy whatever it is you want.

Learn How:


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