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Understanding economics opens up a whole new world.

In reality that whole new world was and is always there.

Only by NOT understanding economics do we tend to over simplify things.

But once you slowly start to peel back the layers of deception, some pretty cool ideas emerge.

For example, take the case of Harvard.

This is considered to be an elite university.

Where only super smart and well connected people can attend.

It's where Zuckerberg was when he dropped out to form Facebook.

It's where Gates was when he dropped out to form Microsoft.

From an overly simplified view of things, it would appear that Harvard has some world class teachers.

And these teachers teach some world class things.

Why else would so many famous people come out of Harvard?

Therein lies the scam.

Not really a scam, but a VERY clever marketing system.

Here's how it works.

Every year, Harvard spends MILLIONS to get as many students to apply as they possibly can.

But, Harvard also knows that they can ONLY accept about 2000 students per year.

The more they get applying, the better.


Because then they can say the ONLY accept about 2% of applicants.

They never say the part about how they spent tons of money JUST to get people to apply that would never get in.

So, if you ONLY hear the "we only accept 2% of applicants" part, that sounds like Harvard is a super-exclusive school that everybody is dying to get into.

But they CREATE THAT on purpose.

It's a long game, marketing technique.

Do this for decades, and you create a FILTER.

A filter that ATTRACTS the world's best and well connected students.

All because they DELIBERATELY created an idea of scarcity.

This means that the teachers and curriculum at Harvard are essentially IRRELEVANT.

Because if you get the SMARTEST and the most WELL CONNECTED kids hanging out in the same area, you are BOUND to get a few Microsoft's and Facebook's popping out.

How can you apply this technique to DATING?

Most people CHASE women.

Men have a scarcity MINDSET.

On the other hand, what happens if you play the LONG GAME, like Harvard?

By slowly building up scarcity on the opposite side?

Most guys have a scarcity of women mindset in your brain.

What's the opposite of that?

A scarcity of YOU mindset in the minds of all the women that WANT you.

This will create the Harvard effect.

Plenty of women want YOU, so YOU can simply pick the VERY BEST.

Learn How:


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