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A huge problem with us silly humans is misunderstanding cause and effect.

Most of the time, we get it backwards.

This is where we get anecdotes like putting the cart before the horse.

For example, guys will see another guy talking to a girl.

Both are obviously into each other.

Body language is open.

She's smiling and nodding while he's talking.

She's laughing at his silly jokes.

When he touches her on the arm, she doesn't recoil.

Instead she leans into his touch, slightly, not too obvious.

While she's listening and laughing and smiling, she's hoping he'll ask her for her number.

The mistake comes from observing this.

We see his words, his behaviors.

The natural response is to see his words and behaviors as a CAUSE for her attraction.

So we tend to copy them.

This is pretty much how ALL game is created.

But looking at the EXTERNAL BEHAVIOR.

Even old school ideas like "cocky and funny" are like this.

If you are confident (inner game) and have plenty of memories of past successes (inner game) that will make it very EASY to be cocky and funny.

You don't even need to think about being cocky and funny.

Cocky and funny is NATURAL behavior for humans in friendly conversations.

So if you try cocky and funny, but WITHOUT the inner state, it will come across as incongruent.

Any type of "game" or "PUA" behavior that requires conscious thinking is very, very dangerous.

Dangerous because it's incongruent.

Dangerous because if it doesn't work, it can crush your confidence even further.

It's much, much better to build up a strong, inner state.

So strongly that the outer behavior, the words, gestures, etc. happen automatically.

And when you combine this inner strength with an understanding of the ancient, unconscious triggers that drive ALL male-female attraction, you'll have a MASSIVE advantage.

This will allow you to walk into any social situation, and see who is ALREADY sending you signs of interest.

Sings of interest because the girls that like you like you BEFORE you start talking to them.

Creating attraction with words only is very, very, difficult.

By amplifying existing attraction, on the other hand, is very, very easy.

Learn this and you'll never worry about the ladies again.

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