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Once I was at a party with a bunch of friends.

This was a long, long time ago.

I don't know how it started, but we were huddled in a corner.

Every time a girl walked by, one of my idiot friends would whisper a pick up line into my ear.

I would say it, and the girl would look at me and laugh at how stupid the pick up line was.

It morphed into a weird competition between my friends.

With me as the unwitting point man.

Since they were telling me what to say, it didn't seem nearly as terrifying as it would have been had I been alone.

Imagine finding a list of the top 100 lamest pick up lines.

And then standing on a street corner, going down the list and saying them to any pretty girl that walked by.

If you were making a YouTube video, it would be pretty funny.

If you were doing it for a laugh in front of your friends, it would be pretty funny.

But all alone?

No way!

Meanwhile, back at the party.

As adults like to say, it's all fun and games until somebody gets their eyes poked out.

Or you get smacked in the face.

I fell into a comfortable lull.

My friends would whisper a pick up line, I'd say it, the girl would smirk,  my friends would chuckle.

It was pretty funny.

Until I said something, I honestly don't remember what, the girl stopped, gave me a look and slapped me.

It wasn't hard, angry slap.

But it made my friends laugh really hard.

Funny thing was I didn't even remember what I said.

By that point in the evening, my brain and mouth was a mindless, unthinking repeater.

Even worse, was that by that time, my friends realized they were safely behind ME as their shield.

So they started coming up the most extreme, absolute LAMEST pick up lines ever.

After all, if any of them offended anybody, I was the one getting slapped, not them.

Even funnier is this is how most of us speak and think.

We essentially copy ideas from other people, repeat them, without much thinking.

With a little bit of thought, you can see how only AVERAGE and SAFE ideas get copied and pasted from brain to brain.

Any dangerous ideas won't be repeated, for obvious reasons.

But any ideas that work REALLY well won't tend to get repeated either, since people tend to keep the REALLY good stuff for themselves.

This only leaves one option.

Instead of being a mindless repeater of ideas, come up with your own.

And when it comes to saying things that will make people FEEL REALLY GOOD, it's actually very easy.

Learn How:


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