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Nearly all humans have the same basic intentions.

We want to operate within the world to get what we want and need.

We want some kind of vocation that rewards us for our skills.

Skills we can continue to learn.

Skills we feel are an expression of our nature.

The ideal rewards for these skills are not only money, but recognition.

The ideal situation is to present your skills to the world.

And have them recognized as skills few others have.

And because of that, you get money and genuine validation and recognition.

And when you go home at night, with a pocket full of cash and some fond memories in your brain, we like to imagine a positive future.

A future when your skills will get better.

A future when your income will become higher.

A future when your validation and recognition will become greater.

This is the human spirit.

To dream of presenting valuable skills in exchange for valuable rewards.

Sure, free money is nice.

But free money inevitably ends in pain.

This is why lottery winners, and children of the rich are generally not the happiest people around.

But we all have doubts.

We all have a horrible fear deep within.

One few are courageous enough to face.

A fear that we will try our best, we will present our skills to the world, and the world will glance in our direction, and say, "no thanks."

That we'll present our skills and somebody will say, "We don't want that."

This twin energy pairs live in everybody's brain.

In everybody's soul.

The angel of success.

Of trading skills for increasing success, recognition and admiration.

The demon of failure.

Of present skills and being told to take a hike.

Knowing this gives you an advantage.

Just strolling through a social environment, you can glance around at all the people.

And see these twins battling for their soul on daily basis.

With this knowledge, and only a few words, you can make them feel much better.

So much better, they'll remember YOU forever.

As being the turning point in their lives.

The one stranger who uttered that one strange sounding collection of words.

That resonated in their minds for days, weeks, months.

We all have fears, we all have hopes, we all have dreams.

We are all always on the precipice of success or failure.

Every single person whose paths you cross can be tilted slightly away from failure, and toward success.

Simply by learning a few structures of language and thought, you can become a real super hero.

Not a pretend super hero with pretend powers.

But a real super hero of language.

A genuine wizard of thought.

A gift that you can give to anybody, that will resonate in their brains.

Learn this skill, and be remembered.

Be valued.

Be appreciated, loved, and cherished.

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