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Humans have tons of biases.

Easy to see in others, hard to see in ourselves.

Even the word, "bias" has negative connotations.

When we point out, or refer to the biases in others, it's almost always negative.

For example, we LOVE to point out the "confirmation bias" in others.

Particularly when it comes to political arguments.

Some even believe that our biases are "imperfections" in our thinking.

Mistakes in our makeup.

This is absolutely false.

Everything about us is something that HELPED us in the past.

They are only bad when we want something, and we can't get it.

This just means they need to be understood.

They were put there so we didn't HAVE to understand them.

They were very tightly calibrated to an ancient environment.

So we specifically didn't have to think.

They are put there for OPTIMAL performance.

And we still use our biases, to a large extent, today.

For example, if you are shopping for bananas, you'll have a couple handy biases.

Just the vaguely conscious thought of wanting to buy bananas will kick off a couple of "biases."

One is you will have a "bias" for the produce section.

Within that "bias" you'll have another "bias" for yellow things.

In this example, we can see how biases are really filters.

To help us find what we are looking for.

Or to point out things that are dangerous.

But if you still had your "banana bias" operating when you were looking for your keys, you wouldn't find your keys.

(Unless they were shaped like a banana).

To be sure, this is a pain.

To have to take time to consciously understand things that were MEANT to be operating in the background.

But that's the price we pay for living in an advanced world with all these advanced goodies.

An even better way to understand and use biases is to leverage others.

If you know the biases that are running on everybody else's brains, you can do some pretty spooky cool stuff.

This is essentially what magicians do.

And people who create optical illusions.

They KNOW where our blind spots are.

So they purposely create things to leverage our blind spots.

So we see things that LOOK magic.

You can do this with your words.

Talk to people in a way that leverages their mental blind spots.

Their biases.

And they will think YOU are magic.

They will truly believe you know everything about them.

Which you can leverage anyway you like.

Learn How:


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