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Once of the main features of us humans is the ability to hallucinate.

Every single thing that exists was once an imagination.

Granted, most things came into being as being slight changes from what already existed.

Even when humans invented fire to use for hunting, they probably copied it from nature.

And then changed it slightly.

Perhaps it all started when an ancient group of cave people saw some lighting hit a tree in the distance.

Then the fire started.

Then the animals in the forest started running away from the fire.

Even though this likely happened more than two million years ago, that seed was planted.

Ancient proto-humans started to imagine how they could replicate what they saw in nature.

If they could create fire, they could get food more easily.

This led to men dreaming of what MIGHT be.

Over the next two million years, our brains tripled in size.

Today, we still have that dreaming capability.

To look out into the world, and imagine what things MIGHT be.

Nearly all of these imaginations are based around our most important instincts.

Social instincts, food instincts, sex instincts, safety instincts.

And since money can pretty much buy everything EXCEPT our social and sex instincts, those three things make up the bulk of our dreaming energy.

How to get more money.

How to get more fame.

How to get more sex.

And as we are programmed to find the EASIEST way to get the MOST sex, often, these dreams involve MAGIC of some kind.

Magic ways to get money.

Magic ways to get fame.

Magic ways to get sex.

However, these dreams of magical techniques, (which make up quite a bit of fiction) are MOTIVATIONAL.

The are meant to DRIVE US.

For example, before we invented chemistry, we believed in ALCHEMY.

Of turning dirt into gold.

This imagination, of turning dirt into gold, drove us to discover chemistry, science, and everything in between.

Similarly, most people have an imagination of magic words.

Of saying magic words to people to get them to do things.

Magic words to get them to give you money.

Magic words to get them to crave sex with you.

These are short term desires.

If there actually WERE magic words, it would be hard to use them without others copying them.

If there actually WERE magic words, once you said them, and they created their outcome, nobody would really remember anything.

There is, however, a certain kind of communication.

A certain kind of behavior.

That will make them think about you much differently than they think about everybody else.

Which will create much better, much more longer term results.

Kind of how science and chemistry has created our modern world.

Learn How:


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